FV 119 INTERVIEW: L’Infini Espoir, autobiographie d’une médium, avec Anne-Hélène Gramignano
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Buy Full Notes This episode may deeply change your perception of life and death. Open your mind to infinite possibilities and infinite hope as you open your ears to listen to Anne-Hélène Gramignano's testimonial. Anne-Hélène found very early on that she had the inherited gift of seeing and hearing people who had passed away. She now is dedicating a good chunk of her life helping people in grief by passing messages from their loved ones in the afterlife: Anne-Hélène is a medium with an important message for you. Her autobiography has met a success she had not anticipated:  it became the #1 bestseller in New Caledonia where she now resides, made #1 on Amazon Canada and has already been translated in several languages. As you will also find out, our interview took a very unexpected turn and left me very emotional and changed ever since. I honestly did NOT believe in the afterlife, but I did believe in Anne-Hélène's authenticity. And then something happened. Something that I have the incredible blessing to have on a recording for me to keep and always remember (and cherish)... Vocab List assassiner = to murder, to kill au-delà (nm) = the hereafter, afterlife avenir (nm) = future avoir foi (en...) = to have faith (in...) avoir un coup de mou = to feel limp / weak /lethargic coéquipier, ière (n) = team-mate, partner croire = to believe décédé,e (adj) = deceased défunt,e (n, adj) = deceased, dead don (nm) = gift, talent faire [son] intéressant,e = to show off fantôme (nm) = ghost gratitude (nf) = gratefulness médiumnité (nf) = mediumship prédire = to foresee, to predict ressenti (nm) = perception, sense voyant,e (n) = clairvoyant, psychic, fortune teller Resources Watch the full interview on my YouTube channel Site "L'infini Espoir". Page Facebook "L'infini Espoir  Read in French: "L'infini Espoir" (Amazon affiliate link) Read in English: "The Infinite Hope" (Amazon affiliate link) "Me on the Radio!" (French Voices Podcast, episode 21)
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