FV 124 INTERVIEW: (Part 1) Drama company The French Loop with Natacha
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Buy Full Notes Natacha is a young Frenchwoman qui "a la patate" and a contagious passion for improvised play. She's the founder, coach, and one of the improvisers / actresses of The French Loop, a theatre company based in Melbourne. (If you also live in the area and would love to practice your French and have a go, Natacha welcomes non native speakers too, hint hint!). In this first episode, we're discussing how Natacha pivoted to deal with the Covid-crisis, at a time when her classes could not operate normally and people needed entertainment. We'll also talk about her background and the history of the art of improvisation (which I was surprised to hear was very popular in Australia)! https://www.thefrenchloop.com The French Loop on Facebook Vocab List B A BA, b.a-ba (nm) = the ABC, the basics carcan (nm) = constraint, rigidity, confinement c'est chaud! (fam.) = it's tight / a close-run thing / a tall order ; heated (tense) crève-cœur (nm, adj) = heartbreaking; heartbreaking situation humour noir (nm) = black humour, dark humour improvisateur, trice (n/adj) = improviser joute verbale (nf) = verbal jousting, parring match la petite souris = the tooth fairy lâcher prise = to let go, to give in levée (nf) = lifting, removal niveau de langue (nm) = register, language level personnage (nm) = character piocher = to draw (a card); to pick up rebondir = to bounce back rigoler (fam) = to have a laugh sur le tas = on the job, in the filed ; as you go along tournée (de spectacle) (nf) = (show) tour
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