FV 125: (Part 2) Drama company The French Loop with Natacha
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Buy Full Notes Natacha is a young Frenchwoman qui "a la patate" and a contagious passion for improvised play. She's the founder, coach, and one of the improvisers / actresses of The French Loop, a theatre company based in Melbourne. (If you also live in the area and would love to practice your French and have a go, Natacha welcomes non native speakers too, hint hint!). In this second episode, Natacha is presenting the French Loop : who can attend ? From what age? We'll also talk about a not so well-known aspect of improvisation called social theatre / Shake Theatre. You'll see that this activity can be a fantastic, therapeutic tool. Finally, I love Natacha's message: everything is possible, don't take life too seriously! Vocab List avoir la patate (fam) = to be in a great mood, to feel in great shape cérébrolésé,e (adj) = brain-damaged person comédien,ne (n) = actor, actress coulisses (fem plur) = backstage envoyer du pâté (fam) = to be cool, to be badass, to be sick éphémère (adj) = short-lived exutoire (nm) = outlet, release fac (nf) = uni Links and Resources https://www.thefrenchloop.com The French Loop on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thefrloop
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