FV 126: (Part 1) Representing Belgium abroad: the work of a consul
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Buy Full Notes Pierre Steverlynck is a Belgian consul, a diplomat representing Belgium abroad. When we started the interview, I was nervous because I had been wondering for weeks what to call him. I was worried about coming across as impolite, not knowing whether I should call him "Pierre", "Monsieur", or any specific term of address related to his status. Find out the answer to this thorny issue in this first of two episodes of our conversation! Pierre will tell us about his different missions and roles and will regularly draw parallels between the French and Belgian systems (uni, admin and diplomacy-wise), which is making this interview even more enriching! Learn about the Belgian National Register, compulsory vote and the consequences for not voting, but also about some differences in how the French and Belgian speakers say the numbers 70 and 90... and how confusing this is even for us! Vocab List Affaires Etrangères (fem plur) = Foreign Affairs CCD (contrat à durée déterminée) (nm) = fixed-term contract, temporary contract enlever une épine du pied (de quelqu'un) = take a thorn out of [sb]'s side lambda = average, regular, ordinary rapatrier = to repatriate ressortissant,e (n) = citizen, national tour d'ivoire = ivory tower trainer (avec quelqu'un) = to hang out (with someone) visa long séjour (nm) = long stay visa Links and Resources https://france.diplomatie.belgium.be/fr Also discover (or rediscover!) episode 80: About The Smurfs! With Jean Auquier, manager of the Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée
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