FV 127: (Part 2) Representing Belgium abroad: the work of a consul
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Buy Full Notes In the second part of this interview with Belgian consul Pierre Steverlynck, we discuss the languages he speaks at home and at work - since Belgium is a multilingual country. You'll learn the difference between an ambassy and a consulate, what a "carte d'identité" may be used for (I know that not all countries have one such thing). Also find out how one becomes a diplomat. And, you'll hear about the "flying kit", a really cool system for expats living on faraway islands! Vocab List avancée sociale (nf) = advance, progress chauvin,e (adj) = chauvinistic, partisan concours (nm) = competitive exam empreinte (digitale) (nf) = (finger) print encadré,e (adj) = managed, supervised examen d'entrée (nm) = entrance examination flamandophone (n, adj) = Dutch-speaking néerlandais,e (n, adj) = Dutch QI (quotient intellectuel) (nm) = IQ Links and Resources https://france.diplomatie.belgium.be/fr Also discover (or rediscover!) episode 80: About The Smurfs! With Jean Auquier, manager of the Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée
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