FV 128: (Part 1) French artist Guy Trinquet
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Buy Full Notes Melbourne-based French Australian painter Guy Trinquet, is a finalist in the 2021 Glover Prize, one of Australia’s most prestigious landscape painting awards. Vocab List croquis (nm) = sketch, rough outline, first draft déceler = to detect, to spot ébauche (nf) = sketch, rough outline, first draft être tenu(e) de (faire quelque chose) = to be required / bound (to do sth) gosse (n) = kid gribouillage (nm) = scribble grimper = to climb passer (ça passe) = to be acceptable, to be admissible subjuguer = to captivate, to enthrall, to conquer tiquer = to twitch, to cringe toile (nf) = canvas vente aux enchères (nf) = auction Links and Resources https://www.guytrinquet.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/guytrinquet.art/ Instagram: @guytrinquetart
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