The ABC’s Birth Project call out is discovering the good and bad of pregnancy and birth in Australia—one of the safest places in the world to give birth, but which sometimes fails women, their families, and clinicians. Parents-to-be now have access to simple blood tests that can indicate whether their baby might have a chromosome issue. But parents who want peace of mind or want to know the sex of their baby can feel blindsided when the result predicts high risk—or for something they didn't...
Published 11/28/22
With humans set to spend more time in spacer, one of the physical things to overcome will be gravity, and it's very important for how our bodies work. We hear frequent stories of mental health issues, but there is more investment in services, so are services effective or overwhelmed? An estimated 34,000 people in Australia have cerebral palsy. The cause can be a mystery but looking at a child's genes may supply information for parents and treatment teams.  Hosts: Dr Norman Swan Tegan Taylor
Published 11/21/22
There's been talk of changing the packet size of paracetamol tablets, to reduce the self-harm of overdose—but it would be better to investigate and remedy why this harm occurs. The idea that society—as well as an individual—is responsible for this 'health literacy' is central to a new World Health Organisation report. Results of a randomised trial in people with low back pain who used a spinal cord stimulator were published recently, and the researchers are surprised by what they...
Published 11/14/22
How analysts are making health data safer | Linked health data can see the bigger picture of healthcare use  | Clinical trials need more clarity on the kind of harms incurred | Donating mitochondria may mitigate the risk of some genetic disorders—but it's not a given.
Published 11/07/22
The ABC series Magda's Big National Health Check us an immersive and personal journey about health in Australia today. It''s hosted by Magda Szubanski, who wants to know why Australia has a high level of chronic illness—and what to do about it. The latest statistics on causes of deaths in Australia show that deaths caused by alcohol rose by 6% last year—it's avoidable and advocates for greater alcohol control measures have been warning for years that there are not enough of them. Hosts:...
Published 10/31/22
Severe chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) can be defined in pathology, yet only be diagnosed after someone has died and their brain examined. The Victorian state election is on 26th November and hospitals feature in political healthcare promises. Labor anticipates spending more than $6 billion on new hospitals and upgrading existing ones. Guest: Assoc Prof Michael Buckland Head of Dept of Neuropathology Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Director, Australian Sports Brain Bank
Published 10/24/22
There's a new perspective on how we think about the cause and progress of Alzheimer's disease. Are we actually doing the right thing by removing accumulated amyloid protein from the brain of people with it? Health practitioners are often still operating under the assumption that obesity is an individual's responsibility, even though science now tells us otherwise. It makes intuitive sense that if you screen people for disease the outcome will be good - because you get on top of the problem....
Published 10/17/22
The debate may be over about robotic surgery for men with prostate cancer—but can hospitals afford the robots? How do you know if memory lapses are a part of slowing down—or an early sign of dementia? The psychology of moving more—and eating better. An Australian researcher in women and cancer has died .
Published 10/10/22
Bringing clarity to health and medical issues from social, scientific and political points of view.
Published 10/03/22
Bringing clarity to health and medical issues from social, scientific and political points of view.
Published 09/26/22
From King George III's apparent madness, to Queen Victoria's genetic legacy, the Health Report takes a look back at the illnesses (and deaths) that have shaped the world.
Published 09/19/22
Exploring how changing your diet—or even your eating schedule—can improve your long-term health outcomes. 
Published 08/22/22
Vital health and medical news.
Published 08/15/22
An option for cervical cancer screening could be a game-changer and miscarriages or stillbirths may bring an increased risk of stroke
Published 08/08/22
With COVID there are more protective measures to take—and there's a historical parallel | The results of a trial of vitamin D supplementation find no evidence to support vitamin D supplements | Shingles can be a painful disease and those over 70 can have a free vaccination, but not the costly and most effective one.
Published 08/01/22
The amount of money to spend on health care in the last year of someone's life is debatable. | The vital eligibility criterion for voluntary assisted dying in Australia is a problematic issue for doctors. | For a heart attack you want the best care possible—but where you live can affect limit that. Climate change is becoming more obvious—it now includes a noticeable mental health aspect.
Published 07/25/22
Is fitness and living longer all to do with how much you eat and how much you exercerise?
Published 07/18/22
There is still some lack of clarity on the value of getting a fourth dose of vaccine—and this is against a backdrop of too few people even getting a third dose.
Published 07/18/22
Some immunologists have been troubled that COVID-19 is not behaving as expected. Norman talks with an internationally respected immunologist who has spent his career studying how white blood cells in the immune system protect us.
Published 07/18/22
Some immunologists are concerned that COVID-19 is not travelling as expected. An internationally respected immunologist had four doses of COVID vaccine but now recovering from heart failure after getting the virus. There are still community questions about the value of getting a fourth vaccine dose—we asked a vaccine development expert to explain why you should. Fitness and living longer are more than just how much you eat and how much you exercise?
Published 07/18/22
Many people are told to take a vitamin D supplement, especially in winter when there's less sunshine, but you can have too much of it. We unpack the story of a UK man admitted to hospital with Vitamin D toxicity—caused by taking far more than the recommended daily intake.
Published 07/11/22