In the 5 Levels of Leadership, we ask leaders to determine their top values. For many this is the first time they have ever considered what their values are.  But, if you are not aware of your values, and you are not intentionally living them out each day, you risk damaging the influence you have with others UP, DOWN, and ACROSS from you in the organization (and your home). Download the FREE Learner Guide for this episode at MaxwellLeadership.com/Podcast.
Published 09/21/23
Self-aware leaders prioritize their team's well-being over their personal career advancement. These leaders are advocates for the individuals on their team, focusing on collaboration rather than extracting benefits from their team members. Which kind of leader are you: a Climber, focused on advancing yourself, or a Connector, focused on the team and advancing them? To access the FREE Learner Guide for this episode, please visit MaxwellLeadership.com/Podcast.
Published 09/14/23
When a leader develops the skill of curiosity, they send a message to those on their team. That message is, “While I have a point of view, I realize it is not the only point of view, and I would like to hear yours – I’m teachable!” When leaders exhibit curiosity, they encourage the diverse group of people on their team to have a point of view and to share it. It’s safe to say what you think. I value what you think. Access the FREE Learner Guide for this episode by visiting...
Published 09/07/23
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe eloquently described the power and influence of inspiring leaders when he wrote: "I have come to the frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element. It is my personal approach that creates the climate. It is my daily mood that makes the weather. I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration. I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal." Have you considered how your mood, behaviors, and actions will influence others. Researchers Jack Zenger and Joe...
Published 08/31/23
You have most likely heard of the Urgent and Important Matrix. It is officially known as the Eisenhower Matrix. The key to your productivity is not getting the most stuff done, but getting the right stuff done. And by “right stuff,” we mean your most important priorities. But what are we to do with all those urgent tasks that have a funny way of sounding important. To be a high productivity leader you need a system to capture your inputs and determine your priorities.   To access the FREE...
Published 08/24/23
You received the promotion, you were awarded the title, you are now the boss. The problem is that you cannot be successful long term if you stay there, you absolutely must make the leap to becoming a leader. In today's landscape, leaders drive progress, inspire greatness, and create thriving work environments while bosses try to control everything and micromanage their people. Access the FREE Learner Guide for this episode at MaxwellLeadership.com/Podcast.
Published 08/17/23
How can leaders avoid creating a culture of fear and anxiety when trying to create urgency? Creating urgency is important for leaders, but it's equally important to avoid creating a culture of fear and anxiety.
Published 08/10/23
How can you improve your leadership ability and become what others consider to be a great leader? Here are eight ideas based on 360-degree feedback data that reveal how leaders move from being good to being great. To download the FREE Learner Guide for this episode, visit MaxwellLeadership.com/Podcast!
Published 08/03/23
Creating and maintaining urgency is an important aspect of leadership. Today Chris and Perry discuss a sustainable plan for nurturing a sense of urgency in your team in a healthy way.  To access this episode’s FREE Learner Guide, visit MaxwellLeadership.com/Podcast.
Published 07/27/23
Great leaders know that leadership is more caught than taught. Your team is watching you all the time and observing how you lead––both the good and the bad. How can you infuse leadership teaching in your team without sending everyone to a leadership development course? To download the FREE Learner Guide for this lesson, visit MaxwellLeadership.com/Podcast.
Published 07/20/23
Congratulations, your hard work and personal development has been noticed by the leadership team, and they have chosen you to become the next first-line manager in the organization. The bad news is that your new team consists of your peers who you have been working with for the past four years. How do you lead them well? Download the FREE Learner Guide for this episode at MaxwellLeadership.com/Podcast.
Published 07/13/23
Today we focus on creating margin in one's leadership to avoid burnout and improve self-awareness. Leaders must emphasize the need to focus on the tasks that provide the most return on investment. Great leaders align priorities with team members to ensure everyone is working towards the same goals. Download the FREE Learner Guide for this episode at MaxwellLeadership.com/Podcast.
Published 07/06/23
It’s not who gets the most things done, but the one you gets the right things done who wins.  By winning we mean achieving the desired outcomes and results. Today, we will look into the five principles for being a high priority leader. Download the FREE Learner Guide that Accompanies this episode at MaxwellLeadership.com/Podcast!
Published 06/29/23
Great leaders emphasize the importance of transparency and vulnerability in building connection and trust among team members, particularly in leadership roles. Chris and Perry discuss how leaders can demonstrate support for their team by fulfilling even small promises and commitments, which can create a positive and productive environment that empowers individuals. Moreover, this episode highlights the significance of consistency of character in leadership and the value of being the same...
Published 06/22/23
This episode explores the topic of handling Gen Z employees who are pushing for promotions within months of being hired. The podcast discusses how offering new titles and authority can inspire employees to take on more responsibility and become accountable for project results. We present five key points leaders should consider when addressing an employee's weak influence, including transparency, expectations, and growth potential. Celebrating milestones and recognizing progress supports...
Published 06/15/23
One natural tendency of leaders is to put forward our best selves. Like you said, we are not purposely trying to appear perfect, but we don't mind if others are impressed. It takes a secure leader to develop a culture of authenticity where everyone on the team, including the leader, is encouraged, and expected to be who they are. How can we ensure you have a culture of authenticity that promotes psychological safety for the team? Visit MaxwellLeadership.com/Podcast to download the FREE...
Published 06/08/23
Some leaders take great offense when someone on the team disagrees with the direction and decisions that the leader is making. Do you invite dissent? Visit MaxwellLeadership.com/Podcast to download the FREE learner guide for this episode!
Published 06/01/23
When a group of leaders were asked how things were going with their leadership, one executive said, “I have been so busy lately I haven’t really had time to do a lot of leading.” What this leader doesn’t understand is that you are always leading, whether you know it or not. It makes you wonder what gets dropped when you are “busy.”   Visit MaxwellLeadership.com/Podcast to download the FREE Learner Guide for this episode.
Published 05/25/23
John Maxwell teaches that one of the killers of momentum in your business is not making decisions in a timely manner. If you wait for other people or circumstances to dictate  your direction, you slow momentum and put yourself and your business at risk. Do you struggle when it comes to making timely decisions in your business?  Whether you are naturally decisive or not, leaders need to develop a decision-making process aligned with their organization's goals and values.   To download this...
Published 05/18/23
Many think charisma is something you are born with. Charisma is a choice, and you can build charisma when you move your focus away from yourself and toward others. John shares the Charisma Principle which says, people are interested in the person who is interested in them. Charisma is a combination of personal qualities that enable someone to inspire and influence others. Some of those attributes might be confidence, charm, and the ability to connect with others on an emotional level.  ...
Published 05/11/23
In an interview at the International Maxwell Conference (IMC) in Orlando, Florida, Maxwell Leadership thought leader Joel Manby described his view of what leaders need to be doing. Joel is the former CEO of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment and former President and Chief Executive Officer of Herschend Family Entertainment, the largest family-owned theme park corporation in the United States. He and his company were featured in the seventh episode of the first season of CBS's Undercover...
Published 05/04/23
Setting expectation for every member of your team is an important part of a leader’s job. If your expectations are not clear, then everyone on your team will leave it up to their own imagination of what acceptable performance looks like. How can a leader ensure every member of their team knows exactly what’s expected of them? Visit MaxwellLeadership.com/Podcast to download the FREE Learner Guide for this episode!
Published 04/27/23
We all make mistakes. We all have things we are not proud of. It’s easy to feel as though we are not worthy or even a fraud. How does a person reconcile being a person of influence and integrity while having a major failure? Recovering from any kind of failure, whether business, personal, or moral is a process. If we have a setback, we can’t allow that setback to define us. Failure is an EVENT, NOT A PERSON! Visit MaxwellLeadership.com/Podcast to download the Learner Guide for this episodes!
Published 04/20/23
Resilience is an important trait for leaders to possess because it allows them to persevere through  difficult times and bounce back from setbacks. Leaders who have resilience are better equipped to handle the challenges and uncertainties that come with leadership positions. In his book titled, “Resilience,” author and former US Navy SEAL, Eric Grietens, defines resilience as  “the virtue that enables people to move through hardship and become better.” Grietens goes on to  explain that...
Published 04/13/23