In this special podcast episode we hear from listeners about what motivated them to become long distance runners. Plus, Coach Angie shares tips on how to start (or resume) a strength training routine. Thank you to everyone who sent in a voicemail recording to help us celebrate reaching episode 400! 🥳 From the community: I […]
Published 12/24/22
In this podcast episode coach Angie shares tip on running through pregnancy and the postpartum period. Special guests include three moms (a nutritionist, a strength coach, and a pediatrician) who share stories and advice on training for a marathon after having a baby.
Published 12/10/22
In this episode we share rookie mistakes that must be avoided on race day as Trevor brings you (via the wonders of podcasting) to the Richmond Half Marathon. Plus, listen as our nutrition coach explains adaptive thermogenesis and metabolic recovery.
Published 11/23/22
In this podcast episode we speak with Christopher McDougall and Eric Orton about how to experience what good running feels like. Plus, you will hear what the real-life characters from the groundbreaking book ‘Born to Run’ are up to today. Christopher McDougall is one of America’s most popular adventure-sport writers, with more than 2 million […]
Published 11/12/22
In this podcast episode we speak with plant-based runner and fellow podcaster Claire Bartholic. Claire explains how she took an hour off her marathon time to ultimately run a PR of 2:58 at the age of 42! What are the keys that allowed her to make such a dramatic improvement in the marathon? Let’s find […]
Published 10/29/22
In this podcast episode Angie recaps the Wineglass Marathon in New York and shares lessons learned from running 70 marathons. She’s keeping it real and sharing the beautiful and “horrible” struggle that can ensue over the course of 26.2 miles. Race Recap: The Wineglass Marathon The last time I ran the Wineglass Marathon in Corning, […]
Published 10/17/22
In this episode we speak with Steve Magness -performance coach and author of the book 'Do Hard Things -Why we get Resilience Wrong and the Surprising Science of Real Toughness'.  Links: NuNee -get back to running without knee pain.  Use code MTA10 for your 10% off Previnex -makers of Joint Health PLUS® and Nourify (vegan protein).  Use code MTA for 15% off. MetPro -Get $500 off nutrition coaching!  Speak with a metabolic expert about your goals. Drury Hotels -use code "RUN" for 15% off...
Published 10/04/22
In this podcast episode we speak with Steve Magness -performance coach and author of the book ‘Do Hard Things -Why we get Resilience Wrong and the Surprising Science of Real Toughness’.
Published 10/03/22
In this episode we are joined by fellow podcaster Chris McClung from Running Rogue to answer questions sent in from audience members.  Questions include: how late in life can you PR?; VO2 Max; how maintenance plans work; training for back to back marathons; when to do Yasso 800s; thoughts on processed fuels; and how much strength-training to do during the taper.  Enjoy!  Links: UCAN -SAVE 20% on your order with code MTA. Ice Barrel -Use code MTA to get $125 OFF! The Richmond Marathon -in...
Published 09/21/22
In this podcast episode we are joined by fellow podcaster Chris McClung from Running Rogue to answer questions sent in from audience members. Questions include: How late in life can you PR?; VO2 Max; How maintenance plans work; Training for back to back marathons; When to do Yasso 800s; Thoughts on processed fuels; and How […]
Published 09/20/22
In this episode we speak with Dr. Tamanna Singh -a sports cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic and active marathoner.  Learn how heart rate variability works; how to safely return to marathon training post-covid; and the impact of alcohol on performance.  Links: MetPro.co -Speak with a Metabolic Expert FlexPower -arnica-powered Soothe lotion provides all natural relief from muscle and joint pain.  Use promocode "MTA" to save 20% off your order. Ice Barrel -a cold therapy training tool...
Published 09/09/22
In this episode we bring you a marathon success story with Bill Drinkward -an Academy member from Oregon.  Bill shares how he went from a disastrous DNF at the Honolulu Marathon to getting smarter in his training and earning a BQ.  He recently completed his first 50 mile trail ultra! Links: Our Coaching Services - Avoid mistakes and get results faster! UCAN -Fuel for runners. SAVE 20% on your order with code MTA. Previnex -Makers of Joint Health PLUS®.  Improve joint flexibility in just...
Published 08/25/22
In this episode we speak with ultra runner Dave Proctor who ran across Canada in 67 days (4,448 miles) and broke the Trans-Canada record.  Dave provides a unique look at the endurance mindset -that will help you get through challenges of your own! Links: Dave Proctor Instagram: @runproctor Ice Barrel Cold therapy training tool that makes it easy to bring ice baths to your routine. Inside Tracker -Analyzes your blood, DNA, and fitness tracking data AG1 by Athletic Greens -FREE 1 year...
Published 08/16/22
Published 08/04/22
In this episode we speak with fellow podcaster Thomas Bailey who in 2017 decided to get sober and change his life. He found a love for long distance running and ran his second marathon in 2:48:43. Plus we will give you a final recap of our 39 day road trip across Europe! Links: Tommie Runz @tommie_runz Joint Health PLUS -Save 15% with the code MTA MetPro Metabolic Coaching -Speak with a Metabolic Expert The Greenbrier River Trail Marathon in West Virginia.  Get 20% off with code...
Published 08/01/22
In this episode we speak with Molly Huddle and Sara Slattery about what they learned from interviewing 50 top female distance runners.  Learn the 4 keys to longevity in running; plus thoughts on marathon training during and after pregnancy.  Plus, we’ll give you a mini-recap of our travels in Europe and a hot relay race in Hungary! 🇭🇺 Molly Huddle- is a two-time U.S. Olympian (London 2012 and Rio 2016), two-time winner of the New York City Half, and finished 3rd at the 2016 NYC Marathon in...
Published 07/17/22
In this episode we take you along with us to France as we recap the beautiful but rugged 'Marathon du Mont-Blanc' in Chamonix.  Hear soundbites from Trevor's "sufferfest" in the Alps and get inspired to do epic stuff!   Links: Get a Free Consultation Call with MTA Head Coach.  Talk to us about your goals! Joint Health PLUS -clinically proven to reduce joint pain and joint stiffness, and improve joint flexibility in 7-10 days.  Save 15% by visiting Previnex.com and using code MTA. UCAN...
Published 07/06/22
In this episode we speak with lifestyle physician Dr. Darren Clair about the stress hormone cortisol.  Why are we more stressed out than our ancient ancestors and what can we as runners do about it?  Plus, we share an update from our roadtrip in Europe and Trevor tells a story about being stuck in “airport hell”. Links: Rebalance -everything you need for stress management in a single system, uniquely formulated with natural ingredients for women and men.  Use code MTA for 20% off! UCAN...
Published 06/24/22
Published 06/14/22