Published 11/18/22
From working as a server at Sur in Hollywood to starring in Vanderpump Rules, Scheana Marie is no stranger to fine dining. However, on this episode, Scheana gives us a glimpse of her food journey which began as a picky eater as a child and moved into having the best food experience in Bali. In this fun conversation Scheana tells us why she no longer eats boned meat, her unbelievably healthy cravings while pregnant, and how one time she messed up Tyler Perry's order (something she will never...
Published 11/18/22
This week on the podcast, we have Chef Travis Milton in the building. Chef Travis is the culinary director and executive chef for Nicewonder Properties in Bristol, Virginia, and is essentially the engineer of the Appalachia food scene. Chef Travis talks to Chef Alysia about his intro into the food world stemming from his first encounter with fettuccine alfredo at a Wendy's when he was a kid. (Who knew Wendy's sold pasta?) Also, in this fun-filled episode, we get an insight into the burgeoning...
Published 11/11/22
On this week's episode, Chef hangs out with digital creator and all-around content specialist, Tinx. During this episode, Tinx shares stories of growing up in England with American parents and the types of foods that influenced her childhood, specifically her family's Italian and Lebanese heritage, and how that shaped her palette to this day. Chef and Tinx get into how moving to northern California for college changed her life due to the arrival of Mexican food to her diet (she never had...
Published 11/04/22
This week on the podcast, we have the honor of going on a true audio journey when Chef Erik of the Los Angeles Mission joins Chef Alisa. Chef Erik gives us a glimpse into how he became a chef feeding thousands of people every week, and his path is definitely one with a couple of turns. From his time as a child learning how to make cinnamon toast to his crash course in Creole-inspired cuisine, Chef Erik always had a natural inclination for food. He highlights that he did not fully embrace...
Published 10/28/22
We're having fun getting weird with Chef and the fans' questions in this episode while she discloses her new-age cooking peeves. From "would you rather questions" (there are some wild ones, lol) and questions about the tastiest mythological creature to Chef going off about Tik-Tok recipes and cooking competition shows. With the help of associate producer Dakotah Rae, Chef serves up some hilarious responses that you do not want to miss!   Produced by Dear Media
Published 10/21/22
Issa Rae is an actress, writer, comedian, and producer known for her hit show "Insecure", and has been named on the TIME's 100 List for "Most Influential People". In this episode, Chef and Issa have a lively conversation on why they love the West Coast, shared meals with family, childhood memories & more!   Produced by Dear Media
Published 10/14/22
On another fire episode of the pod, world-renowned photographer and artist Shaniqwa Jarvis stops by to chop it up with Chef. From creating large-scale projects in London & Tokyo to producing creative experiences in her hometown of New York, Shaniqwa is a bonafide artist. In this episode, Shaniqwa tells us stories of learning to cook from scratch, her mother gifting her a camera at five years old, and her cousin teaching her the idea, "if you don't have it, make it." Unfortunately for a...
Published 10/07/22
This week on the pod, Chef is catching up with food expert and author John Kanell. From appearances on Ellen, the View, and Good Morning America, to creating his cookbook, Preppy Kitchen, Kanell is influential in the food industry. Chef and John discuss many topics, including spending time on his farm with his five-year-old twin sons harvesting honey, and nurturing their dwarf goats. As John is a cookbook author, this episode is full of amazing dishes, including duck à l'orange, a greek...
Published 09/30/22
Have you ever had octopus salad? Did you even know that was a thing? Chef has had it, and you might be surprised where she has it ranked. This week on the pod, we have some fun getting to know our very own Chef Alisa. With help from associate producer Dakotah Rae, Chef gets right to it, answering your questions. From dating advice to her creative process, Chef is full of phenomenal responses you don't want to miss. And, of course, she lets us know what she would choose as her last meal.   ...
Published 09/23/22
Marquise Miller stops by the studio for a trip down memory lane with Chef before getting into how he built his career from the ground. Marquise is an OG employee of My 2 Cents, who now styles and designs for some of the biggest artists in the world. You already know this episode has exclusive stories about his days at My 2 Cents that you don't want to miss! Not only are the stories flowing, but Marquise offers guidance to the new generation about confidence, vision, and the importance of...
Published 09/16/22
"Your body is your vehicle. If you want to grow...your body has to come along." On this week's episode, Chef chops it up with fashion icon, creative director, and entrepreneur Melody Ehsani. They touch on many topics, including the story about taking Iranian leftovers in Tupperware for school lunch every day as a child– kids can be ruthless. Melody shares the process of altering her career from law to work in the creative arts and the delights that came with her move. An outright fun episode...
Published 09/09/22
This week on the pod, Chef sits down with the host of "Who's On Content?!" and marketing guru, EJ James, on a special podcast swap. The excitement and knowledge flow through the room in this episode. They discuss EJ's upbringing in PG County, Maryland, from graduation parties at Red Lobster to burning his eyes from the Old Bay seasoning on his grandma's shrimp. Also, EJ and Chef take a trip down memory lane while connecting over being young and broke in NY. An entertaining and insightful...
Published 09/02/22
"She touches your soul when she does your hair." Hair business extraordinaire Felicia Leatherwood joins Chef for this incredibly amusing conversation saturated with laughs and anecdotes. We hear Felicia's stories about how being a hairstylist took her on a journey around the world, from Africa to Europe, with a stop in Mexico for some fried crickets.   Produced by Dear Media
Published 08/26/22
It sure is a beautiful day for My Last Meal. Host of many things, including the wildly popular podcast, "It Sure Is a Beautiful Day," Catt Sadler joins Chef for some fun. In this episode they talk about Catt's journey in the entertainment world, how her relationship with food has grown, and more!   Produced by Dear Media
Published 08/19/22
"Grow your food, sell your food, and make money from your food." Wall Street titan turned "Farmer of the Future" Miss Cindy joins Chef for a lively chat where they talk about everything from creating food in food deserts to traveling around Africa. Miss Cindy created Foot Print Farms and they dish on how she helps to serve the community by making a positive impact through her company.   Produced by Dear Media
Published 08/12/22
Brian McGinn is a Emmy-nominated director, writer, and producer. He is an Executive Producer of "Chef's Table", and co-created the series "Street Food". He directed the acclaimed feature documentary Amanda Knox. In this episode Brian and Chef have a lively conversation about his memories growing up in the bay area, food chasing globally, and his impressive influence in the food television space as a director.   Produced by Dear Media
Published 08/05/22
Fashion creative director, host of Everything is the Best podcast, and new mom Pia Baroncini joins Chef Alisa on a food journey around the world, starting right here in Pasadena. Pia grew up attending dinner parties and learning to cook from her parents, who both loved food and loved to cook even more. In a delightfully fun conversation she dishes about making pasta for all of her friends during the Sopranos season finale, her husband's Italian heritage, and what they allow their young...
Published 07/29/22
In this episode, Chef talks with contemporary artist and Chicago native Hebru Brantley. He is recognized internationally for his innovative and unique Afro-futurism approach to his artwork in street art and anime. He creates narrative driven work revolving around his iconic characters and uses a plethora of mediums such as oil, acrylic, and spray paint.  Collectors of his artwork include, Lebron James, Jay-Z + Beyonce, Lenny Kravitz, and George Lucas. He dishes with Chef on his all...
Published 07/22/22
Author and award winning radio host / co-creator of Dinner Party Download, Brendan Francis Newnam joins Chef Alisa to take us back to his culinary roots. Brendan grew up in Philadelphia choosing to hang in the kitchen with his mother rather than in front of the TV with his father. In an a delightfuly passionate conversation taking us down memory lane, Brendan dishes on interesting school lunches, his hatred of brunch, and the intricacies of NYC Bodegas.   Produced by Dear Media
Published 07/15/22
French-born music supervisor and KCRW DJ Mathieu Schreyer goes down a culinary memory lane in this episode of My Last Meal with Chef Alisa. Having grown up around the globe–from the South of France to Hong Kong to Morocco before finally landing in Los Angeles–Mathieu dishes on his favorite pre-pandemic Silver Lake restaurant, why he’ll always choose room service over dining out, and the only type of food he would happily never eat again.   Produced by Dear Media
Published 07/08/22
Erica Ash is an award-winning actress, producer, writer, comedian, singer, model and foodie! Best known for her role as Gwen Sullivan on BET’s "In Contempt" and the sketch comedy series MADtv, Erica talks about growing up surrounded by diet culture, how ordering steak "well done" is a major no-no, and more.   Produced by Dear Media
Published 07/01/22
Chef Kayla Greer (aka Chef Kay Kay) caters to a who's who of A-list clients like Diddy, Drake, and the late Nipsey Hussle, and she's sharing her experience as a celebrity chef. In this episode, Chef Kayla talks about her favorite childhood meal of pasta and tuna with ranch, her unforgettable achievement as a nominee at the culinary Olympics as a teenager, and how she can make anything taste good.   Produced by Dear Media
Published 06/24/22
Chef can’t contain her excitement as she sits down with “Super Vegan” Maurice Manley II, a man who she calls a total inspiration. In this fun and enlightening conversation, Maurice talks about his own podcast “Lead Up” which is committed to helping new and or existing leaders in every aspect of life, the food he misses eating as a vegan, and his unique take on what his last meal would be.   Produced by Dear Media
Published 06/17/22
In this episode, Chef talks with Miami-born, LA-raised actress, Free the Nipple founder, and self-proclaimed gazpacho lover, Lina Esco. Lina opens up about coming from a broken home and how that encouraged her to get into acting, her favorite Mexican food spot in Downtown LA, and her divisive enjoyment of Coke Zero (to which Chef responds with “Booo”).   Produced by Dear Media
Published 06/10/22