Today, we're in discussion with a a financially exceptional couple, Katie and Alan Donegan, who managed to quit their day jobs and retire when Katie was 35 and Alan was 40. We’ll hear how they calculated for this accelerated plan, how they’re living out their early retirement dreams, and advice for listeners on determining how much one needs to save for retirement. Learn more about the Donegans and their Rebel Finance School here. (This episode aired originally on May 27, 2024)
Published 06/24/24
Published 06/24/24
Today's episode dives into many of your biggest questions about retirement: How much is enough for a typical retirement? What are the best ways to save and invest towards this goal? Do I put it all into my 401(k) or spread it over multiple retirement accounts? What can we expect from social security? How to prepare for unexpected health expenses in retirement? Should I hire someone to manage my retirement nest egg? What's the best place to store my cash after selling my house in my late 50s?...
Published 06/21/24
How to create a 7-figure side hustle? Guest Rachel Rodgers is the CEO/Founder of Hello Seven, an award-winning company that teaches women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA people how to build a seven-figure business and create generational wealth. She’s the author of We Should All Be Millionaires: A Woman’s Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economic Power. Her new workbook, Million Dollar Action, is a companion to her bestselling book.
Published 06/19/24
Whether you're an entrepreneur or not, retired or at the beginning of your career, most of us have personal brands. We're trying to push something forward, and much of what we've been taught about connecting with our audience and winning them over is not what *actually* works. Guest Leslie Zane is an award-winning marketer, TEDx speaker, and the foremost authority in harnessing the instinctive mind to accelerate brand and business growth. Her new book, The Power of Instinct, challenges...
Published 06/17/24
Apply for Farnoosh's Mentorship Program. Today's show focuses on helping a listener who is an exceptional saver - but has no financial goals. How can she prioritize her spending? Also, navigating a future fiance's massive debt load and job interview red flags. Listen to hear how to win a free copy of Thank You, More Please. Mentioned: The So Money episode on Pre-Nups.
Published 06/14/24
How can money be a real tool to help you achieve what matters... and less a reflection of your worth? Holly Trantham, author of the new book Beyond Getting By, joins to discuss ways we can build a sustainable, wealth-generating plan for the future. More about Holly: She joined The Financial Diet as a managing editor in 2016. She is now the team’s creative director, leading editorial strategy and branded campaigns.
Published 06/12/24
**Book Giveaway** Leave a review for this episode in Apple Podcasts to enter to win one of 10 copies of Thank You, More Please.** Lily Womble, feminist dating coach and founder of Date Brazen, joins So Money to share advice from her new book, Thank You, More Please. Learn how to navigate the dating world without depending on matchmaking apps, and using "Essence-Based Preferences" to attract exactly what you desire in your love life.
Published 06/10/24
Learn more about Farnoosh's mentorship program. This week's questions focus on smart budgeting frameworks, earning more outside a 9 to 5, dealing with high annual credit card fees and a pro tip for handling medical debt.
Published 06/07/24
New York Times bestselling author of Take Back Your Brain, Kara Loewentheil, unveils her proven strategies for closing the "brain gap," and how women can reclaim their financial confidence in a patriarchal society.
Published 06/05/24
Want to learn how to get your money to work for you? Stop living paycheck to paycheck, build multiple revenue streams and a sustainable business plan? Entrepreneur and money mentor Mel Abraham shares insights from his new book, Building You Money Machine, available for pre-order.
Published 06/03/24
This week, Pam Krueger, founder of Wealthramp, joins to help answer listener questions about life insurance, investing, and debt management. Listen to Pam's interview from earlier this month, discussing ways to find a great financial advisor. Wealthramp is a platform that has matched over 20,000 individuals with fiduciary advisors and financial planners since 2019 and boasts client retention rates exceeding 98%. Wealthramp’s vetted advisor network spans the country and offers diversity in...
Published 05/31/24
Guest Neha Ruch, founder of Mother/Untitled, discusses the often deductive ways society characterizes stay-at-home mothers and is on a mission to rebrand this role to bring more dignity and respect to parents choosing to take a break from their careers to support their children and families. Neha's forthcoming book The Power Pause: How to Plan a Career Break After Kids--and Come Back Stronger Than Ever is available for pre-order.
Published 05/29/24
Just days away from the next So Money Pop-Up Workshop, which will focus on “Couples and Money.” Register here. Today, we're in discussion with a a financially exceptional couple, Katie and Alan Donegan, who managed to quit their day jobs and retire when Katie was 35 and Alan was 40. We’ll hear how they calculated for this accelerated plan, how they’re living out their early retirement dreams, and advice for listeners on determining how much one needs to save for retirement. Learn more about...
Published 05/27/24
Join Farnoosh's next So Money Pop-Up workshop for couples. In today's Ask Farnoosh, listeners pose questions about managing money in your relationship, how to prioritize the various saving and investment accounts you contribute to, and should a couple take advantage of a 0% interest loan?
Published 05/24/24
Today's show centers on ways we can protect ourselves from dangerous financial scams, many powered by AI. Our guest is Allison Baggerly, financial expert, author and founder of Inspired Budget. Sign up for Allison's free budget class here. The CUT article about the Amazon scam referenced in the show is here.
Published 05/22/24
Deesha Dyer is the former White House Social Secretary under President Obama, meaning she was THE person responsible for state dinners, official functions, visits by Popes and presidents, performances by Beyoncé (!), and more. Deesha's new book UNDIPLOMATIC pulls back the curtain on White House life to funny, winning effect, but even more so, it documents a young Black woman's struggle to belong in our nation's most prestigious spaces.   In 2009, at age 31, Deesha Dyer's finances were......
Published 05/20/24
Today's show: Managing a $100k inheritance; debt pay-down strategies; should I pay for a certification to switch careers if I'm in debt? Also: Farnoosh weighs in on Footballer Harrison Butker's ridiculous graduation speech directed at the women graduates. Sign up for the So Money Members Club. Get on the waitlist for the next Book to Brand here.
Published 05/17/24
Author of the national bestselling novel THE SICILIAN INHERITANCE and host of the UNDER THE INFLUENCE podcast, Jo Piazza, joins the show to discuss the rich themes in her newest book.
Published 05/15/24
Stay tuned for tonight's Webby's BTS, where So Money receives an award -- on Farnoosh's Instagram. Today's show covers the ins and outs of LLCs and S-Corps and how to determine which one (or both) is best for structuring your business. The guest is Hannah Cole, creator of Sunlight Tax. You can visit Sunlight Tax for resources mentioned in today's episode.
Published 05/13/24
Join the So Money Members Club to gain access to Farnoosh on the go and a front-row seat to her monthly workshops. Today's episode addresses questions from the audience about career transitions. One listener is concerned that making a job switch could impact the finances in her relationship, as she is the sole breadwinner at the moment. Another listener struggles to pivot in her 40s, worried about the risks of "starting over" in a new career. Finally, one friend in the audience wants to know...
Published 05/10/24
May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to reflect on how our financial well-being impacts our mental health and how generational trauma may be at the root of stress and anxiety about money. Guest Sahaj Kohli is the founder of Brown Girl Therapy and the author of the new book But What Will People Say: Navigating Mental Health, Identity, Love, and Family Between Cultures.
Published 05/08/24
We’re dedicating this entire episode to probably the biggest question I get from listeners: Should I work with a financial planner? We’re addressing your top concerns and questions about working with a financial advisor with guest Pam Krueger, a seasoned financial journalist and the creator and co-host of MoneyTrack, which ran on PBS stations nationwide. Pam is also the founder of Wealthramp, a platform that has matched over 20,000 individuals with fiduciary advisors and financial planners...
Published 05/06/24
Join Farnoosh's private community to up-level your finances at SoMoneyMembers. Last day to join Book to Brand in NYC. This week's questions: Does it ever make sense to withdraw early from a 401k to pay down debt? What investing fees should we watch out for? Is my target date fund OK, or should I expand my investments?
Published 05/03/24
The average worker believes they need over $1 million to retire comfortably. How can small business owners secure this lofty financial goal for themselves and their employees with less stress? Guest Jean Smart is the founder and CEO of Penelope, a fintech company that is disrupting retirement solutions for small and micro businesses. Penelope (named after her daughter) was inspired by her personal experiences, as Jean is the daughter of Korean immigrant business owners who were not prepared...
Published 05/01/24