⚾️🔥Talking Points with KPI Ep. #76 Summer vibes are here, and KPI is ready to rock! 🌞💪 Excitement is in the air as we gear up to train athletes and help them reach new heights🔥⚾️ #kpicrew #baseball #podcast
Published 05/30/23
Published 05/30/23
⚾️🔥Whether you're a Little League phenom, college standout, or aspiring MLB star, KPI has got your back! Listen to how KPI's cutting-edge programs cater to pitchers of all levels, providing personalized training, advanced techniques, and industry-leading technology🔥⚾️ #kpicrew #baseball #podcast
Published 05/24/23
⚾️🔥Listen to how the #kpicrew talk about how preventing arm injuries among baseball pitchers is critical to the sustainability of the sport🔥⚾️ #kpicrew #baseball #podcast
Published 05/18/23
 ⚾️🔥 Listen to how the #kpicrew discusses how families get caught in the trap of team hopping and hoping the grass will be greener on the other side.  Invest in what matters most🔥⚾️  #kpicrew #baseball #development
Published 05/11/23
The #kpicrew discusses how athletes can find the right balance in the summer so they can improve their peak performance levels while still playing enough games #kpicrew #baseball #podcast
Published 05/03/23
🔥⚾️Listen to how the #kpicrew uses a data-led approach to development which is challenging but is 100% the correct way to approach player development⚾️🔥 #kpicrew #baseball #podcast
Published 04/27/23
⚾️🔥Listen to the #kpicrew Discuss how KPI is training and managing more high-level pitchers than any facility on the West Coast🔥⚾️ #kpicrew #baseball #podcast
Published 04/20/23
⚡️Think Keeping a Pitch Count really helps?? ⚡️ 🔥⚾️Listen to how the #kpicrew discusses how Pitch Counts are an oversimplified and flawed way to keep pitchers healthy⚾️🔥
Published 04/12/23
🔥⚾️Listen to how KPI’s system of developing coaches has given athletes a chance to get the most out of THEIR training, and how the #kpicrew has access to more knowledge on training and physical Development⚾️🔥
Published 04/06/23
⚾️🔥Check out this week's podcast that takes an in-depth look at Why the Lesson Model is Hurting Youth Athletes. We present our approach to developing the young #kpicrew and why the traditional way of lessons actually does more harm than good🔥⚾️ #kpicrew #baseball #podcast
Published 03/29/23
🔥⚾️ Introducing PT Mike into the #kpicrew in this week's podcast. Listen to how the KPI PT will embody KPI's philosophy of individualized rehab fueled by a technological approach ⚾️🔥 #podcast #kpicrew #baseball
Published 03/22/23
🥎⚡️Discover how KPI is leading the way for hitting development on the baseball front in the bay area and bringing the same systematic approach to softball⚡️🥎   #kpicrew #hitting #softball
Published 03/16/23
🎙️⚡️Summer is a time for development. Dan,Noah,Curtis & Erik discuss ways to ensure that an athletes summer is filled with ways to make their dreams come true⚡️🎙️ #kpicrew #baseball #podcast
Published 03/03/23
⚾️⚡️KPI PICK EM SHOW Enjoy the #kpicrew coach's s picks for this Spring highschool season. MVP's, Picks to Click, Head Turing Team, Best New Comer to Varsity. All discussed in this episode of Talking Points With KPI⚡️⚾️ #kpicrew #baseball #podcast
Published 02/23/23
⚾️⚡️Erik, Curtis, Noah & Dan sit down to discuss the myths of recruiting and give out tips for those who feel lost in the process. Visit kpimh.com to take a deep dive into the podcast topic⚡️⚾️ #kpicrew #baseball #podcast
Published 02/15/23
⚾️⚡️Dan, Noah, Erik, & Chase sit down to have a conversation about those athletes that get left behind. And how KPI is putting programs in place to make those dreams become a reality⚡️⚾️   #kpicrew #podcast #aux
Published 02/10/23
🎙Dan, Chase, Erik, & Noah sit down to discuss what needs to be done within the youth baseball world to give them the best option for proper development🎙  ⚡️Stay tuned till the end to hear info about the YDP Program⚡️ #kpicrew #baseball #podcast
Published 02/03/23
⚡️⚾️Dan, Chase, & Noah sit down with head coach of @az_storm_mendez Jaime Mendez, to discuss the state of softball development and what the future holds for these softball athletes⚾️⚡️ #kpicrew #softball #podcast
Published 01/27/23
⚾️🎙Athletes deserve systems built for them to last all year long. In this episode, Erik, Noah, Dan & Chase sit down to talk about how crucial in-season development is for high school athletes.🎙⚾️ #kpicrew #baseball #podcast
Published 01/19/23
🎙⚡️Listen to what the #kpicrew thought of their presentation in front of the ABCA Crowd. As well as, giving their opinion on the ABCA Convention, and how Nashville is a fantastic host to many in the baseball world⚡️🎙 Subscribe to the YouTube channel @ Kinetic Performance Institute 
Published 01/11/23
⚾️Check out this weeks podcast showcasing how the #kpicrew uses UpLift Labs motion capture to make sure high level athletes are on the fast track to making their dreams come true⚾️   #kpicrew #forceinnnumbers #podcast
Published 12/29/22
⚾️🔥 Sit down with Dan, Justin, Noah, and Jordan from @armcarecom on how the #kpicrew ensures athletes are going above and beyond to make sure arm care is a priority🔥⚾️ #kpicrew #baseball #podcast
Published 12/23/22
⚡️⚾️Jon Moscot from @blast_bsbl, Noah, Erik, & Chase sit down to preview our ABCA presentation. discussing how the #kpicrew uses Blast to design our hitting systems and how the powerful bat sensor can be used to provide assessments and drive hitting development⚾️⚡️  #kpicrew #chooseaside #podcast
Published 12/15/22
⚾️⚡️Dan, Noah, and Kris sit down to discuss the state of softball development. Talking about what needs to be fixed and how the #kpicrew plans to do just that⚡️⚾️ #kpicrew #chooseaside #podcast
Published 12/08/22