Today is a very personal story that some of you may have heard parts of. But there is someone out there that needs to know that you can turn things around in your life. Chalene will share with you about a time that was the lowest part of her and Bret’s marriage and in their business. She wants to share with you the ugly mess that is no longer and hopes that it inspires you to know that no matter what it is you too can turn it around.
Published 01/25/21
Our phones are both a curse and a blessing. What would we do without our phones? For some work can literally all be done from our phone, but is that such a good thing? Between emails, work apps and social media time spent on our phone can be the majority of our day. Today Chalene wants to share with you 5 unconventional tips to help you spend less time on your phone and help you focus more on what is truly more important in your life. 
Published 01/20/21
As always lots are going on in the Johnson household so today Chalene thought she would give you a bit of an update. 
Published 01/18/21
When you learn that you don’t need money to start making money, it could be the catalyst to change your life! Chalene’s guest is Leslie Tucker, an expert in the world of online reselling platforms. Leslie went from working a full time job and reselling as a hobby to retiring from her job and running a full time reselling business. You’ll get step-by-step tips on how to start, what to sell, what platforms to use and so much more. Seriously, you won’t believe all the information packed in this...
Published 01/15/21
Welcome to part 5 of the 2021 Declutter Project! In today’s episode, Chalene continues her focus on her very specific process for cleaning out the closet. Chalene takes you step by step through the process of how you can get your closet in control and totally organized. 
Published 01/13/21
This is part 4 of The 2021 Declutter Project. Habits are a way of making our lives easier. Let’s be real when something is a habit, you simply just do it. You don’t normally have to think about it. The best way to establish a new habit is to anchor an action to a pre-existing habit. The habits I am going to outline for you in this episode are essential to make the tips and tricks discussed when it comes to organizing or decluttering in the first three episodes really stick.
Published 01/11/21
Clutter is a major problem in our lives, bigger than you probably even realize. This is Part 3 of The 2021 Declutter Project. How does clutter affect you? How does it make you feel? Does it slow you down? Can you ignore it and go about your day. Does it have an impact on your life?  Today Chalene will help you get more organized and let go of things you just really do not need even the items you feel are sentimental. 
Published 01/08/21
Clutter is a major problem in our lives, bigger than you probably even realize. This is Part 2 of The 2021 Declutter Project. How does clutter affect you? How does it make you feel? Does it slow you down? Can you ignore it and go about your day. Does it have an impact on your life?  Today Chalene will help you get more organized and let go of things you just really do not need even the items you feel are sentimental. 
Published 01/06/21
The clutter that is everywhere in your life stays present and active in your subconscious mind. It can cause stress, anxiety and sometimes in some cases it can lead to depression. We are not saying you have to start practicing minimalism but even author Marie Kondo teaches that being more organized can bring joy to your life. Chalene also feels that organization can bring more peace and calmness and help you be more productive. So get ready to start getting rid of the clutter you have in your...
Published 01/04/21
Today Chalene will address the nine habits that we all need to eliminate as quickly as possible if we want to uplevel our lives. I know we all would like to create more time, feel happier, feel more peaceful and more productive in our lives especial as the new year approaches. Because you are listening to this podcast it just proves that you are in to personal development and this episode is made for you!!
Published 12/30/20
Today Chalene will be sharing with you some of her latest finds that she feels have up leveled her life. These gadgets and life hacks she will share with you could help make your life a bit easier or convenient as well as help you maintain your health and fitness. Be sure to check out the show notes for links to some of the items she talks about. 
Published 12/28/20
Chalene went on Instagram and asked for questions from you the listener. She said no topic was off limits, and you all came through with some great questions. So in this episode Chalene answers all those questions. We all at Team Johnson wish you the Happiest of Holidays!! 
Published 12/23/20
The smartest people in the world understand that, in order to achieve success, they sometimes have to do things others may initially perceive as stupid. And that is exactly what today’s guest, Richie Norton, believes. He’s a podcaster and the award-winning / bestselling author of: The Power of Starting Something Stupid. Chalene and Richie talk about what it takes to create a business, how to own your time, life and happiness.
Published 12/21/20
Welcome to the first ever Funny Things Friday!! Chalene thought it would be fun to share with you funny stories that happen to her in her life. Now this may not happen every Friday but Chalene will definitely share as funny moments come up.  Today you will get to hear some humorous things that recently happened behind the scenes of a speaking event Chalene was speaking at. 
Published 12/18/20
This has been a crazy and different year and with the holidays approaching it is very important to remember so many are struggling with the loss of jobs and income. Today Chalene and Bret are going to share with you their annual family giving tradition and challenge you to do the same and to also share with them your experiences if you so choose to accept the challenge. 
Published 12/16/20
Thank you to our show sponsor Trophy Skin to get 30% off enter the code LIFER at checkout!!!! Links from today’s episode:  Check out the new supplement multi pack  I am Myself Again Queen Bee Push Journals are BACK as well as some brand new designs!!! Hurry and get yours www.pushjournal.com Join the InstaClubHub to go deep in learning all the latest tips and strategies to Instagram growth and engagement! InstaClubHub.com Check out all the Discounts and some of Chalene’s favorite...
Published 12/14/20
As we age our hormones shift and change. Those changes can produce changes in our weight and more often than not it’s a weight gain. This can start as early as age 35 and sometimes earlier. Today Chalene is going to be talking about perimenopause and menopause, and more specifically hormonal weight gain and what you can do to help prevent that from happening or help change it if you are already in the midst of menopause. 
Published 12/09/20
Having ADD as an adult can be a bit of a struggle at times and Chalene has done some past episodes on this topic and how it was she came to have the diagnosis herself. Today Chalene is going to share with you her own personal strategies she uses to help her cope and thrive when it comes to her daily work routine. Chalene also feels that having ADD can be looked at as a superpower!! 
Published 12/07/20
Chalene has invited back one of our favorite guests and one of her dear friends Shawn Stevenson. Shawn has an amazing new book coming out “Eat Smarter.” Today they will be discussing the science behind cravings and why it is you feel addicted to food.  Why do you constantly feel hungry when you shouldn’t be hungry? What makes us crave sugar and all the bad foods we know are not good for our bodies or our health? Chalene and Shawn discuss why this is happening and how you can take back control.
Published 12/02/20
Trigger Warning!! If you are Chalene or Bret's children or parents this episode is not for you!! If you feel that your relationship is feeling a bit stale or you want to put a some spice back in your relationship than this episode is for you! Today Chalene will give you 10 tips to help you spice up your relationship.
Published 11/30/20
In honor of this week's Thanksgiving holiday Chalene is so grateful for you the listeners and as a gift she has created a Moving Meditation all about gratitude. We hope this finds you happy and healthy and even if this Thanksgiving Holiday may be a bit different from ones in the past we hope you find gratitude, happiness and peace in what you have right now. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving. 
Published 11/25/20
Procrastination is the coping mechanism we often use when we have anxiety, fear, overwhelm or just really do not want to do something. Today Chalene is talking about overcoming procrastination, we all do it, including Chalene herself. 84% of people put things off on a regular basis. Procrastination is a habit that can be changed, Chalene will share with you tips and resources she feels will really help break the procrastination habit. 
Published 11/23/20
Today is the follow up to last week’s episode, if you have been following Chalene then you familiar with the Push Goal Method. If you're new to this podcast or to Chalene in general then you are in for a treat!! If you are familiar with the Push Goal Method this will probably be a much needed refresher course, in fact Chalene feels you should be revisiting your goals and Push goal at least every quarter. Before we start, grab something to take notes with or better yet grab your Push Journal...
Published 11/18/20
Not everything can be perfect in your life but you can try and bring as much balance to your life as possible. Today Chalene is going to help you figure what it is in your life that may be bothering you. She will walk you through an assessment and help you create an action plan to bring more peace and balance into your life. Get ready to take some notes and put what you're about to learn into action!!
Published 11/16/20
Bret is back by popular demand from the Podsquad!!  He feels it is never too late to start investing or saving money. Today Bret will be giving you his inside tips to help even the beginner start investing and saving money. Just starting with a small amount of money to invest can make a difference when it comes to growing your money. He will also share with you some money saving tips when it comes to using credit cards. 
Published 11/11/20