Dr. Junger and I explain how YOU can harness some of the most powerful healing tools in the world to shed your own chronic symptoms and illnesses for good. Full transcript and show notes: https://drgundry.com/alejandro-junger This podcast episode was brought to you by Theragun, Uprising Foods, Thrive Market, and PlutoTV! Get a 30-day Theragun trial FREE by going to www.theragun.com/GUNDRY. Shop Uprising Foods and get FREE shipping with your order by visiting, www.uprisingfood.com/Gundry ....
Published 03/01/21
Dr. Mark Hyman, author of The Pegan Diet: 21 Practical Principles for Reclaiming Your Health in a Nutritionally Confusing World, joins me to discuss the TRUTH about meat, what the food pyramid should REALLY look like, and the shocking shortcomings of the vegan diet — plus much, much more. Full show notes and transcript: drgundry.com/pegan-diet
Published 02/22/21
On this episode, Dr. Church and I discuss the brain's ability to radically change in response to our experiences and share how YOU can enjoy deep states of happiness – in a matter of MINUTES. Thank you to today's sponsor: Thrive Market! Go to ThriveMarket.com/GUNDRYPODCAST and join today to get 25% off your first order AND a FREE gift! Full transcript and show notes: https://drgundry.com/dawson-church
Published 02/15/21
On today's episode, Sayer and I explain what's REALLY increasing your likelihood of developing chronic illness (and why it’s NOT always genetics), reveal some of the deadliest toxins on the planet (and they could be in MANY of the foods you eat), and share the BEST foods to eat to protect your health. Full transcript and show notes: https://drgundry.com/sayer-ji/
Published 02/12/21
Dr. Josh Axe — certified doctor of natural medicine, clinical nutritionist, and best-selling author — joins me to discuss what Western medicine has gotten all wrong, the most effective natural ways to boost your immune system, and the best thing you can do TODAY to start improving your health. Full transcript and show notes: drgundry.com/dr-axe
Published 02/08/21
Dr. Kari Nadeau, director of the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford University and one of the world's leading experts on food allergy, joins me to bust some food allergy MYTHS, talk about the BEST way to prevent your child from suffering from food allergies, and discuss how to get rid of food allergies for good. Full transcript and show notes: drgundry.com/kari-nadeau
Published 02/01/21
Dave Asprey, best-selling author and founder of Bulletproof Coffee, chats with me about the powerful benefits of fasting, the foods you can eat while you fast, and the "Kryptonite" foods you MUST avoid. Full transcript and show notes: drgundry.com/dave-asprey-fasting
Published 01/25/21
Shawn Stevenson, host of The Model Health Show and best-selling author of Eat Smarter, chats with me about why fat ISN'T the enemy, the TRUTH about calories, and the amount of protein you NEED for optimal health. Full transcript and show notes: drgundry.com/shawn-stevenson
Published 01/18/21
On this episode I reveal the TRUTH about what’s on the label and show you how YOU can read these labels to become a more informed consumer. Full transcript and show notes: https://drgundry.com/labels-lecture/
Published 01/11/21
Liz Fisher, the founder and CEO of Lavva Yogurt, joins me to chat about how she helped invent the popular plant-based yogurt, how a "super-nut" can dramatically boost your gut health, and why many store-bought yogurts contain UN-healthy ingredients that could actually hurt gut health. Full transcript and show notes: drgundry.com/liz-fisher
Published 01/08/21
Kristine Wylie and I discuss how you can pursue your hobbies FULL-TIME, plus share some tips for making YOUR life on the Plant Paradox program easier and more delicious. Full transcript and show notes: https://drgundry.com/Kristine-Wylie/
Published 01/04/21
Dr. Dayan Goodenowe, founder and CEO of Prodrome Sciences, has spent the past 30 years researching the biochemical signs of aging and disease. Today, he joins me to discuss what may be a MAJOR breakthrough in our understanding the causes and prevention of dementia. We also discuss what your blood can tell you about YOUR risk for dementia and Alzheimer's and why we might soon unlock the secrets of the aging brain. Full transcript and show notes: drgundry.com/dayan-goodenowe
Published 12/28/20
On this episode, I discuss why all oils are NOT bad, the TRUTH about canola oil (even my followers will be surprised), and why my critics are simply WRONG about olive oil.
Published 12/21/20
Wim Hof, aka "The Iceman," shares some of his secrets for staying fit and healthy in any conditions and at any age. He and Dr. Gundry will also discuss the benefits of cold and how YOU can use his techniques to reduce stress and feel healthier than you have in years. Full transcript and show notes: drgundry.com/wim-hof. For more information on Wim Hof and the Wim Hof Method, please visit www.wimhofmethod.com.
Published 12/14/20
Nadine and I discuss what to look for in your toothpaste, how to floss properly, and how taking care of your TEETH can actually help you keep your immune system strong. Full transcript and show notes: https://drgundry.com/nadine-artemis/
Published 12/07/20
John Fennebresque, the co-founder and CEO of Gusto Global, discuss all the microbiome, its connection to the COVID-19 pandemic, and what all this research means for YOU and your health. Full transcript and show notes: drgundry.com/john-fennebresque
Published 11/30/20
On this episode, Serena and I discuss why you should be THANKING your food, the importance of perspective when it comes to your health, and share some unique tips for supporting your mind, body, and soul. Full transcript and show notes: https://drgundry.com/serena-poon/
Published 11/27/20
My wife Penny joins me for this special episode of the podcast. You're going to hear the incredible true story of how Penny and I reunited; how our marriage emerged from adversity stronger than ever — and how yours can, too; and the ONE thing she thinks you need to know about ME. This is one of the best conversations I've EVER had on the show — and I think you're going to love it, too! Full transcript and show notes: drgundry.com/penny-gundry
Published 11/23/20
Dana Osbourne and I explain why most store-bought foods are making our pets overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy, what we should REALLY be feeding our pets, and the easiest way to start incorporating the Plant Paradox program into YOUR pet's diet today. Full transcript and show notes: https://drgundry.com/dana-osbourne/
Published 11/16/20
Dan Walter and I discuss what's wrong with conventional agriculture, why a bigger bird ISN'T necessarily better, and what exactly IS in that cheap chicken at your local supermarket. Full transcript and show notes: https://drgundry.com/Dan-Walter/
Published 11/09/20
Jim Kwik, world-renowned brain and memory coach, chats with Dr. Steven Gundry about what makes a better brain, the EASIEST way to learn a new language, and his number one technique for learning more effectively starting TODAY. Full transcript and show notes: drgundry.com/jim-kwik
Published 11/02/20
Dr. David Kessler, former head of the Food and Drug Administration and author of "Fast Carbs, Slow Carbs," chats with me about the food that we agree might be WORSE than sugar, the TRUTH about the Nutrition Facts label, and the 3 simple things YOU can do to improve your health. Full transcript and show notes: drgundry.com/david-kessler
Published 10/26/20
Chef Seamus Mullen, award-winning chef, author of Real Food Heals and Goopfellas podcast co-host, tells me how he almost completely eliminated his rheumatoid arthritis... with FOOD! We also share our favorite tips for getting healthy and staying healthy, plus Seamus reveals the best way to ask for a substitution at your favorite restaurant. Full transcript and show notes: drgundry.com/seamus-mullen
Published 10/19/20
Today, I'm going to share MY tips for tweaking your favorite recipes to make them lectin-light and safer to eat, so you can enjoy the holidays to the fullest — WITHOUT sacrificing your health. Full transcript and show notes: https://drgundry.com/dr-joel-fuhrman/
Published 10/12/20
Dr. Joel Fuhrman, expert nutritionist and best-selling author of Eat to Live, joins me to talk about how food can help Americans reverse type 2 diabetes, stop cancer in its tracks, and add over a DECADE of healthy living to the average lifespan. We'll also discuss the ONE proven way to increase longevity, why it's actually better to SLOW your metabolism, and whether YOU should try the keto diet. Full transcript and show notes: https://drgundry.com/dr-joel-fuhrman
Published 10/05/20