SCARY Future with AI and How to Save our Jobs w/ Varun Mayya
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You can watch this interview on YouTube.   We'll learn: How AI is taking over jobs and what we can do about it? How to future-proof our jobs? What are the skills that'll become important in the future? How to upscale ourselves to become the top 1% in our jobs? This episode might scare you. In this episode, I chat with Varun Mayya founder of Avalon Labs and a tech geek. Varun is bullish about AI and how it will change the world. He shares some interesting perspectives on how we can be better prepared for the future that is being taken over by AI. The insights in this episode will help you prepare for the world with AI and become top 1% at what you do.    We have a telegram community for our listeners. Join here-   For brand collaborations and opportunities, send us an email at  [email protected]   Send me a voice message:   Connect with Varun Mayya YouTube Instagram    Follow the Inspiring Talk on Facebook   Twitter Instagram  
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