How to Make Better Decisions, Think Clearly, & Become Creative w/ Ashish Chawla
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You can watch this interview on YouTube-  We'll learn: How automated brain mode influence our decisions? Mental models to make better decisions How does our mind acquire information? Role of logic in becoming creative & more In this episode, we go really deep when it comes to understanding our minds. We discuss things like how we think, how our mind acquires information and creativity. There's a lot to learn from this conversation. Ashish Chawla, is a multi-talented entrepreneur, marketer, educator, and musician who has transitioned from telling deep financial stories to deep emotional stories. With a keen interest in understanding human behavior and decision-making processes, Ashish divides his time as a creator making thoughtful content across all social platforms under the brand 'Jam with Ashish,' an online educator, and a speaker conducting courses on creativity, decision-making, and clear thinking. With a background in finance, Ashish has served as the CFO of Goibibo, a billion-dollar online travel company, and was instrumental in raising USD 65 million for one of India’s first e-commerce companies. With a passion for creating and understanding human motivations, Ashish loves thinking about 'thinking.' We have a telegram community for our listeners. Join here-   For brand collaborations and opportunities, send us an email at  [email protected]   Read full episode notes at   Send me a voice message:   Connect with Ashish Chawla Website Instagram    Follow the Inspiring Talk on Facebook   Twitter Instagram  
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