In today’s episode we are again joined by Solaine Douglas to take a deep dive into women’s health and menstrual health education, unpacking the problems with the standard of care and conventional wisdom. The specific areas we cover include birth control and period education, our conception and fertility landscape and the significant gaps that we see in testing for optimal health, then equally, the conversation around oestrogen and bone health and what this means for peri and menopausal women....
Published 04/20/22
In today’s episode we are joined by Rhea Dempsey, who, for the few of you who don’t know, is a childbirth educator, speaker, counsellor, birth attendant and founder of Birthing Wisdom. Rhea’s work continues to be revolutionary, allowing women interested in natural birth to find or regain their power and truly know that the natural birth they dream of is possible. Rhea and I discuss normal physiological birth and unpack topics within including the role of pain, the epidural, the cascade of...
Published 04/13/22
In today’s episode we are joined by Kat John to explore what her recent deep self-enquiry has revealed for her personally, and how this may translate into helping you to achieve the kind of life you have always wanted. We look at the roles of the masculine and the feminine and unpack how Kat has tuned into her feminine to reshape her business, how she views her beauty, how she serves the world, her community and her family and so much more. Head to https://www.stephlowe.com/podcasts/375 for...
Published 04/06/22
In today’s episode we are joined by Adam Gibson from Parents with Questions. Parents with Questions is a bunch of parents with curious minds who want to make sure we have all the information about COVID vaccinations for our kids. We want to encourage each other to do our own research, trust our wisdom as parents and say ‘no’ until we are 100% sure. Adam and I welcome open minds, open hearts and serious questions. Will you join us? Head to https://www.stephlowe.com/podcasts/374 for show notes,...
Published 03/30/22
In today’s episode we are joined by Rinat Strahlhofer & Tom Barnett to explore 5G technology. Together with their community they are on a global mission to minimise harmful exposures to wireless radiation, empower people to use technology in a safe and meaningful way, and to ensure the tech and telco industries are held accountable. Come with me on this journey to understanding 5G - keep your mind open and your thinking critical, as it’s a topic that not many are ready to hear. Head to...
Published 03/23/22
In today’s episode we are joined by Dr Damian Kristof to explore reflux – the root causes, the problems with conventional treatments of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), natural solutions, the role of chiropractic care, considerations for infants and so much more. This is an incredible episode for anyone with digestive issues but in particular reflux, heartburn, indigestion and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GORD), and everyone interested in taking a root cause approach to optimal health. Head...
Published 03/16/22
In today’s episode we are joined by our incredible nutrition coach here at The Natural Nutritionist, Bianca, to discuss the problems with the conventional approach to gestational diabetes. You will learn preconception and trimester one strategies, the role of accurate testing, the problems with the oral glucose tolerance test and conventional gestational diabetes guidance, how COVID-19 has changed the standard of care, the impact of nutrition, stress and sleep, the importance of finding your...
Published 03/09/22
In today’s episode we are joined by Elly McLean to discuss nutrient deficiencies and your menstrual cycle. We explore plant-based specifics, the impact of undereating, and the relevance of macronutrients and micronutrients, before taking a closer look at zinc, iodine, vitamin A, iron and so much more. Head to https://www.stephlowe.com/podcasts/370 for show notes, episode transcripts and more.
Published 03/02/22
In today’s episode we are joined by Natalie Douglas to take a closer look at Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS. You will learn the problems with this lack-of diagnosis, the role of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and how this relates to your Migrating Motor Complex, or MMC. This episode will leave you with a much greater level of awareness as to the potential root cause or causes of your symptoms, and the role of your nervous system, plus some incredible strategies for optimal...
Published 02/23/22
In today’s episode we are joined by Amie Skilton, Naturopath and clinical educator to share with you her personal story with mould illness. We discuss everything including genetic vulnerability, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome or CIRS, inhalation Alzheimer’s, how to mould proof your home and so much more. This conversation blew my mind and I hope it creates awareness as to the health impacts of water damaged buildings, the roles of both the construction and rental industries, the...
Published 02/16/22
In today’s episode we are joined by Elly McLean to discuss the Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill.  We explore the impact of the pill on your hormones, including ovulation and what common side effects we see due to progesterone suppression, amongst other influences. We then take a closer look at the common nutrient deficiencies, before discussing the alternatives, including the copper IUD, the Mirena, the Fertility Awareness Method and so much more. This episode will change the way you look at...
Published 02/09/22
In today’s episode we are joined by Sheridan Austin, qualified holistic Nutritionist, mother and creator of The Mothers Blend. Sheridan and I explore the postpartum period – we bust some myths surrounding folic acid and vitamin A, discuss the importance of testing, key nutrients and considerations, explore the role of wholefoods versus synthetic nutrients and so much more. Head to https://www.stephlowe.com/podcasts/366 for show notes, episode transcripts and more.
Published 02/02/22
In today’s episode we are joined by Meah Robertson, founder of LifeStart Naturopathics, Naturopath and mum of two. Leah and I discuss the importance of healthy hormones including what inspired her to create her world-renowned superfood blend, Fem21. We then open the discussion surrounding COVID-19 and menstrual cycle irregularities, looking at one particular publication from the Obstetrics & Gynecology journal. As a rapidly evolving area of science we will be sure to come back to this...
Published 01/26/22
In today’s episode we are joined by Kirsty Wirth from Kultured Wellness to explore new research regarding the relationship between your gut microbiome and COVID-19 disease severity. While not surprising given our understanding of the immune system, this discussion is important to highlight the significance of health status, to broaden our understanding of what nutrition and lifestyle modifications we can continue to make to mitigate our risk and to remind you, that there is so much you have...
Published 01/19/22
In today’s episode we are joined by Solaine Douglas, women’s health and hormone Nutritionist, as well as a self-professed dog, Pilates and coffee lover. Solaine and I take a deep dive into Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS. You will learn the problems with conventional diagnosis criteria, the four types of PCOS, the significance of insulin resistance, the role of dietary modifications, supplementation and so much more. Solaine is a wealth of knowledge and together we answer the question: is...
Published 01/12/22
In today’s episode, we are joined by our incredible nutrition coach here at The Natural Nutritionist, Bianca, to discuss all things preconception care. We take a closer look at the ideal 6-month window pre-conception – starting, or fine-tuning, your detox, organizing blood testing, optimizing your microbiome, focusing on nutrient density - all before even considering a prenatal vitamin. You will learn why preconception is so much more than just folate, including why we don’t recommend Elevit,...
Published 01/05/22
In today’s episode we are joined by Annie Gaudreault, Women’s Heath Coach, to explore the art and science of aging well. We take a closer look at her six pillars of health aging, and the roles of genetics, nutrition and exercise. You will learn how to prevent the unnecessary consequences of aging, how you can take agency over your current health outcomes and so much more.   Visit https://www.stephlowe.com/podcasts/361 for show notes, episode transcripts and more.
Published 12/29/21
As you have already learned, Cliff and I have somewhat opposing views on this element of the pandemic, but have both taken great pride in continuing to remain not only colleagues but friends, and to foster pragmatic and compassionate discussions on what can be a very heated and polarizing topic. We explore our societal contract, continue to discuss Cliff’s working hypothesis surrounding long COVID and adverse events, current issues with exemptions, vaccine mandates, and so much more.
Published 12/22/21
In today’s episode we are again joined by Jenna McDonald from The Fertility Suite to explore the fertility conversation we are missing in our teens and twenties. We help you understand your cycle, the phases and what to expect, and specifically, your ovulation window in order to answer the question, how many days per month can you get pregnant? We take a closer look at egg quality and age, which even surprised me, the role of the male in conception and so much more.
Published 12/16/21
In today’s episode we are joined by our incredible nutrition coach at The Natural Nutritionist, Bianca, to discuss a real food approach to introducing solids to your babe. We explore signs of readiness, essential nutrients, how to use key superfoods including bone broth and organ meats, how to optimize iron for your growing little one, why we do not recommend rice cereal as a “first food” and so much more.
Published 12/08/21
In today’s episode we are joined by the incredible Amber Hawken, who’s mission is to shine a torch on the forgotten parts of your power and show you how to activate and integrate them into your life. We explore mental health and “the system”, the importance of a root cause approach, regression therapy, trauma, the integral role of breath work for optimal health and longevity and so much more.
Published 12/01/21
In today’s episode we are joined by Cliff Harvey to explore the current landscape with regards to COVID-19 – what positive opportunities the last one to two years has provided us, or, alternatively, what the other direction, of fear, has created. We explore the failings of public health, a system that rewards consumerism and materialism and what needs to change to create health, and mostly importantly, happiness. Cliff shares with us some upcoming research.
Published 11/24/21
In today’s episode we meet Dr. Carrie Rigoni, passionate Chiropractor, with a brain-focused chiropractic practice, working with babies, children, pregnant women and chronic diseases. Today, we discuss the role of the vagus nerve for babies, children and adults, the significance of sympathetic dominance, or our “fight, flight or freeze” response, how to improve your vagus nerve, what gargling has to do with it, and so much more.
Published 11/17/21
In today’s episode we turn the tables and share with you a takeover from Dr. David Harper where he interviews me about my personal experience with diet culture, the role of real food, why I am so passionate about metabolic health, how this relates to our current global situation and so much more. You will also here the story of The Natural Nutritionist as we celebrated ten years in the industry in October this year. Let’s dive in.
Published 11/10/21
In today’s episode we meet Dr Sarah Jane, an integrative, gentle and network spinal Chiropractor, somatic energetic worker, yoga and meditation teacher and holistic counsellor. We explore the concept of healing, using talk therapy, somatic practices and spiritual alignment. You will learn that yes, your trauma matters and there is another way - that your body and nervous system can connect and function optimally, you can resolve emotional trauma naturally, and so much more.
Published 11/03/21