This week we chat with Max Horstmann, a software developer at Stack Overflow. He details our company's experience setting up a Kubernetes cluster, turning that into a managed service through cloud providers, and more recently, using Kubernetes to host what we call PR Environments. Based on this, Max argues that Kubernetes is no longer too challenging for startups to consider using early on.
Published 07/27/21
We chat with Philippe Beaudette, our new VP of community, about his experiences building and nurturing great online communities.
Published 07/23/21
This week we chat with Tara Reddy and Sam Weekes, the co-founders of Loveshark, a mobile gaming company. They describe the company as a team of creative, kind, and slightly quirky people who are building the future of social games. They use technologies like augmented reality and computer vision to create weird and wonderful things.
Published 07/20/21
We chat with Paul Ford and Cassidy Williams about the experience of using GitHub Copilot, an AI system that writes code for you. It was trained on millions of lines of code written by humans, but how close does it come to a living, breathing programmer? Well, if you're looking for regex, meet your new best friend.
Published 07/16/21
On this episode we chat with Samuel Simões, the developer behind Poker Now. Simões created the project so he an his friends could play poker during the pandemic lockdown. It became such a success, growing 100X, that he left his job building hospital management software and is now focused on trying to make a living as the sole author and architect of Poker Now.
Published 07/13/21
This is part 2 of an episode we recorded live on a platform called Fishbowl. In the second half, we took questions from the audience, and ended up offering a lot of advice to folks who aren't technical but have to work regularly with developers. We discuss how to communicate with your engineering team, why you might be getting some rather negative vibes from them, and how to improve the rapport.
Published 07/12/21
This episode we're presenting something a little different: a recording of a live show streamed on a platform called Fishbowl. We talk about developer tools and workflows taking over across a wide swathe of disciplines and industries. We also take questions and chat with audience members from Google and several startups.
Published 07/09/21
We chat with Richard Bailey and Kelly Cho. Bailey leads the AR Experiences team at Niantic and Cho is a software engineer on the AR Experiences team.
Published 07/06/21
We chat with Glen Coates, VP of Product at Shopify Core, about some of the announcements the ecommerce giant made this week. Shopify is aiming to hire 2,021 developers in 2021, and as part of opening up their platform and making it more appealing, they introduced a number of new options for creating stores, themes, and apps on their platform.
Published 07/02/21
We chat with Adam Lear, staff software engineer at Stack Overflow, about the evolution of our company's approach to product development over the last decade. Also discussed: anti-patterns, documentation, developer profiles, and tokenizing reputation.
Published 06/29/21
This week we launched Collectives on Stack Overflow. It empowers the organizations connected to certain technologies to more directly support the communities that have grown around various topics, bolstering the quality and health of our content in a way that benefits our users as well. In this episode we chat with our CTO, Teresa Dietrich, and Jascha Drel, a senior product manager, about how and why we built this product.
Published 06/25/21
Today's episode is sponsored by Rev. We explore the history of automatic speech recognition and computer systems that can understand human commands. From there, we explain the machine learning revolution that has powered recent advancements in speech to text systems like the one employed by Rev. Finally, we look to the future, and imagine the features and services that the next generation of this AI could produce.
Published 06/23/21
We chat with Colton Beach and Dara Perl of Unqork, which describes itself as a completely visual, no-code application platform that empowers large organizations to build custom enterprise-grade software. We explore how these capabilities helped deliver food and certify marriage licenses during the pandemic, and the paradigms and processes from modern software development that are being recreated in the no-code world.
Published 06/22/21
We chat with Annabel Bligh, an associate software engineer at Contact, a London based startup that works a bit like an Uber for models. Bligh recently graduated from Makers, which describes itself as a full time, intensive and immersive bootcamp to learn the essentials of full stack development
Published 06/18/21
We chat with Austin Henley, assistant professor of computer science at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Prof. Henley has been studying the ways in which developers seek out the information they need to solve problems, debug code, or write new applications.
Published 06/15/21
We chat with Jenn Schiffer, director of community at Glitch, who brings over 70 years of Javascript experience to her work, at least according to her Twitter bio. She hips us to the ways in which young kids are touching code for the first time, often without realizing that they are learning to be programmers. We also dig into the burgeoning community around WebXR, which brings together developers interested in offering virtual and augmented reality experiences through the web.
Published 06/11/21
This week we chat with Karl Hughes, who held positions as head of engineering and CTO before starting his own company focused on technical content. He now leads a group of more than 50 writers focused on crafting detailed articles that will appeal to developers.
Published 06/08/21
We chat with Innocent Ndubuisi-Obi and Luke Jordan about the unique challenges you face when trying to solve civic problems with software. From mesh networks to USSD messaging protocols, they share lessons learned and the tools they would recommend for developers looking to make an impact in their community.
Published 06/04/21
We chat with Spiros Xanthos, VP of Product Management for Observability & IT Ops products at Splunk. Spiros has founded three companies, including OmnitionHQ, which was acquired by Splunk), ezhome, and Log Insight, which was acquired by VMware. We chat about how observabiilty has evolved over the years and the role it plays today in performance management, cybersecurity, and IT operations.
Published 06/01/21
We chat with Mike Brevoort, Platform Architect at Slack, about the power of platforms and what developers can do to automate workflows and processes that used to be shared across multiple teams, but now often fall to individuals working remotely and asynchronously.
Published 05/28/21
We chat with Tracy Chou, founder, CEO, and lead engineer at Block Party, a software platform working to make social media safe and enjoyable by helping users avoid, or at least manage, online harassment.
Published 05/25/21
Earlier this week, Netlify announced it had acquired a startup called FeaturePeek. Combining the two companies will allow Netlify to build out the next generation of collaborative Deploy Previews. We are joined by Eric Silverman, a co-founder at Featurepeek, now a senior engineer at Netlify, and Cassidy Williams, friend of the show and principle developer experience engineer at Netlify.
Published 05/21/21
We chat with David Longworth, director of brand design at Stack Overflow, about the work he's been doing to reshape our company and product pages. David has worked on across client services branding, media, and advertising – but always with a digital-first focus. He is mostly front-end focused but has used Node for various back-end duties over the years.
Published 05/18/21
Today we chat with Ilya Bodner, Founder and CEO of Bold Penguin, a firm that builds exchange software for the commercial insurance market. He spoke about the pros and cons of choosing Ruby early on and deciding between building or buying your core cloud infrastructure.
Published 05/14/21
On today’s episode we say goodbye to Sara Chipps, podcast host and Stack Overflow’s former director of community, who is leaving to take a new job as an engineering manager at LinkedIn.
Published 05/11/21