Published 01/26/22
We start the first interview of the year with none other than the Venerable Grand Prytanis himself, Ted W. Bereswill (Gamma-Upsilon, University of Texas at Austin). Donnie and Alex spend their time getting to know his story, his motivations and his goals. As you'll see, Frater Bereswill has a commitment to our members, giving back and the Fraternity. With men like him leading the way, it's easy to see the quality and character that a Teke embodies and where our brotherhood will go!
Published 01/26/22
We come back from the break with a little tribute to Founders' Day 2022: "As they sat at 504 East Locust Street on a cold Tuesday night, Settles, Truitt, McNutt, Atkinson and Mayer set out to create a fraternity that was different than others in their time... Today, on our 123rd Founders’ Day and throughout 2022, I encourage you to engage with TKE’s 1-2-3 - Connect, Celebrate and Contribute. Connect today with the Fraternity on MyTKE.org. Celebrate with your fellow Fraters by sharing on...
Published 01/12/22
This year's final episode of the TKE Nation Podcast is a grand review of Donnie and Alex's favorite moments and memories throughout Season 2 this year. So, if you need to hear some of the best recommendations of episodes to go back and listen to, this is the episode for you! To our listeners, thank you, happy holidays, and we'll see you next year. Side note... If you're an underwater welding Teke, can you connect with Donnie? We want to see something...
Published 12/08/21
Donnie and Alex are taking a little break this week, and they will be back next week for the last episode of the year! We are glad to have you all follow along, and as always, thank you for subscribing, rating and sharing the show with your fellow Fraters and friends. Be sure to catch up with the last episode and the bonus release last week!
Published 12/01/21
For this bonus episode of the TKE Nation Podcast, join Alex Swenson, Nick Kimble, and Zach Scott for a conversation on deferred recruitment and what that could mean for your goals. Some topics of discussion include strategies and tactics for recruiting second-semester freshmen, using the time remaining before the holidays to prepare for spring rush, establishing buy-in from the full chapter as you meet your recruitment goals. This recording was originally recorded as a webinar, so there may...
Published 11/24/21
Donnie and Alex interview Brad Rateike (Rho-Upsilon, Franklin) this week on the podcast, and there are stories galore. To name just a few accomplishments, Brad has worked in the White House as the Director of Cabinet Communications; was Deputy Press Secretary and Policy Director for Mitch Daniels, former Governor of Indiana; and was named an Indianapolis Business Journal Forty under 40 in 2020. The humbling part of this interview is that Brad ties a lot of his experiences to what he learned...
Published 11/17/21
Reunited, and it feels so good! It's been a couple episodes since Donnie and Alex have been together chatting on an episode. They spend their time on this episode reviewing Donnie's thoughts on the most recent news in TKE Nation, like the changes on the Grand Council and the upcoming Regional Leadership Conferences. They also spend time recapping what they're watching in sports and good news in recruitment. Lastly, If you haven't seen, check out the ways to save money on RLC registration at...
Published 11/03/21
There are certain recruitment principles that can be applied to every chapter across TKE Nation, and Alex Swenson is out to prove it. This week, Alex interviews Beta-Lambda members Josh Elliott, Jack Whatley and Bo Borden at Auburn University with a reported 46 new candidates this semester. How early did they start planning? What issues did they run into along the way? How does the chapter feel their brotherhood stands with so many new members? All of this and more is answered, as well as how...
Published 10/20/21
Swenson takes the steering wheel solo this week as he recaps the current standings of TKE Nation's highest recruiters. What makes a top recruiting chapter so exciting? It means they've gotten their routine and process honed in on their campus. Although your campus may be different, the processes and preparations can be applied anywhere. Follow up in the coming weeks as the TKE Nation Podcast explores these all-star processes with all-star chapters. You can check out the current standings at...
Published 10/06/21
Relive stories with the legendary Bruce Melchert (Beta-Theta, Missouri - Columbia) in this episode of the TKE Nation Podcast. Donnie and Alex sit down in the northeast and listen to the great past of Bruce, such as the most influential people he’s met in his time with TKE, the time when many of the men on staff were drafted, or when TKE HQ was in Kansas City. Why’d we move to Indianapolis, you ask? Bruce has the answer! It’s an honor to converse with someone who has influenced the trajectory...
Published 09/22/21
This episode, Alex introduces his friend and fellow Leadership Academy graduate Drew Frizzell (Delta-Lambda, Central Missouri) to the TKE Nation Podcast. Drew has an interesting and untraditional journey that led him to TKE and beyond, and even Alex learns new things about Drew's past. From inspirational stories, to being a great friend, alumni and mentor, this episode holds a lot of lessons between two friends.
Published 09/08/21
This week, Donnie and Alex make their way to California for a couple of visits and a podcast recording. TKE Foundation Vice Chairman of External Affairs, Frater David Bohline (Beta-Sigma, Southern California), played host to the hosts and welcomed the TKE Nation Podcast to his home for this special episode.
Published 08/25/21
Recorded live at the Charles R. Walgreen Jr. TKE Leadership Academy, this is a guest-packed episode! If you have ever wanted to learn more about TKE's premier leadership program, then this is for you. So strap in as we hear from graduates and facilitators alike. And Alex wants to remind you all not to forget—In the annual collegiates vs. facilitators basketball games, the facilitators brought the heat against their much younger opponents. Eight games and eight wins. He seems pretty pleased...
Published 08/11/21
The TKE Nation Podcast is shifting our release schedule to every two weeks for the foreseeable future. With that said, Donnie and Alex will be recording an episode live next week at the Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. TKE Leadership Academy. This is the first time we've recorded an episode live at an event. We can't wait to work with Fraters at Academy to advance our mission and to help reach our potential for this academic year.
Published 08/04/21
Curious about being a Digital Nomad? Can't get enough conversations about the future of work? Want some hot takes on the Olympics? This episode is for you! We are talking to Frater Kenny Soto (Kappa-Sigma, City College of New York), who is currently based out of South Africa and shares his experience living the remote work lifestyle. Kenny is a digital marketer, writer and all-around motivated learner. Check out KennySoto.com for more of his work, or head over to TKE.org and search for him to...
Published 07/28/21
Donnie and Alex are taking a little break this week as the TKE Professional Staff gears up for the Charles R. Walgreen Jr. TKE Leadership Academy. We are glad to have you all follow along, and as always, thank you for subscribing, rating and sharing the show with your fellow Fraters and friends. Be sure to catch up with us on social media to let us know what you'd like us to talk about next! TKE on Social Media: TKE.org/Social Information about TKE Leadership Academy: TKE.org/TKELA
Published 07/21/21
This week Donnie and Alex catch up on the last two weeks, talk a little sports, and are joined by Professional Staff Member and occasional guest host on the Podcast, Frater Santos Lara. Santos may be a show veteran, but this is his first time in the interview hot seat. So join us in learning about this five-year staff veteran. From a recent backpacking trip in Yellowstone to countless visits to TKE chapters over the last half a decade - join the conversation and be sure to give Santos a shout...
Published 07/14/21
Fresh off the peak of Mount Everest, Frater Andrew Hughes is back! Frater Hughes (Chi, Washington) recently summited Mount Everest, achieving a goal many years in the making. We talk with him about the toll an endeavor like this can take on you and the highs and lows of pushing yourself to reach new heights. If you need a dose of inspiration to motivate you to reach your goals, this is the episode for you!
Published 07/07/21
In this episode, we dispel some myths about working for a greek life organization and discuss how to prepare to set yourself up for future success. And, hot off the presses! RLC dates and locations have been announced! Donnie and Alex give you the details. Our guest this week is collegiate Frater Connor Nickerson. Conner joins us from the Sigma-Kappa chapter (Merrimack) to share his experience as a member of the LGBTQ community. June is Pride month and represents an opportunity to reflect...
Published 06/30/21
Ever wonder what it's like to sit in the room with Donnie and Alex? This is the episode for you. Join us as they spend some time catching up, discussing current events, talking sports, fraternity news and the recent sports-related fighting. Spoiler: Don't fight. Be Nice.
Published 06/23/21
Last June, the TKE Nation Podcast asked four Fraters from different places in their TKE journey to share their story as part of our unique Esteem Discussion Series. We are again joined by Mark Romig, Erich Ploog, Keyeon Pitts and TJ Morgan for a panel discussion on what has changed in a year, what they hope for in the future and an honest conversation about what the values of TKE mean, and how they can be applied in today's society.
Published 06/16/21
Frater Edmund C. Moy (Lambda, Wisconsin) joins us on the show again. Frater Moy served from 2007 to 2013 on the Grand Council and is a Past Grand Prytanis. Professionally, Frater Moy served as Special Assistant to the President for Presidential Personnel under the George W. Bush administration, and he was the 38th Director of the United States Mint. Join the conversation as we learn about Ed's TKE story, career journey, and, of course, Swenson slips in a few cryptocurrency questions.
Published 06/09/21
We are joined by Grand Grammateus Frater Ryan Vescio (Rho-Omega, South Carolina) who serves as the chairman of TKE's Strategic Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. As Pride month begins, Frater Vescio shares the work which the DEI committee has done over the last year.
Published 06/02/21
We are joined by Frater Dr. Gerald Opthof (Rho-Zeta, Montclair State) from the Opthof Center for Psychotherapy in New Jersey. As we wrap up mental health awareness month, Dr. Opthof talks about the stigma of mental health as men and how important it is to be open and honest.
Published 05/26/21