S2: Break | Week Off
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Donnie and Alex are taking a little break this week, and they will be back next week for the last episode of the year! We are glad to have you all follow along, and as always, thank you for subscribing, rating and sharing the show with your fellow Fraters and friends. Be sure to catch up with the last episode and the bonus release last week!
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Published 01/26/22
We start the first interview of the year with none other than the Venerable Grand Prytanis himself, Ted W. Bereswill (Gamma-Upsilon, University of Texas at Austin). Donnie and Alex spend their time getting to know his story, his motivations and his goals. As you'll see, Frater Bereswill has a...
Published 01/26/22
We come back from the break with a little tribute to Founders' Day 2022: "As they sat at 504 East Locust Street on a cold Tuesday night, Settles, Truitt, McNutt, Atkinson and Mayer set out to create a fraternity that was different than others in their time... Today, on our 123rd Founders’ Day...
Published 01/12/22