Published 05/23/23
Tonight's Guest WeatherBrain is the WCM at the NWS Indianapolis.  He graduated with a degree in meteorology from Purdue University.  He will be the on-site meteorologist for this year's Indy 500.  Sam Lashley, welcome!  Also joining us tonight is AlabamaWX Blog's very own Scott Martin.  He earned his operational meteorology certificate from Mississippi State University in 2015.  In May 2021, he received his Bachelor's in Geosciences Operational Meteorology from Mississippi State.  He...
Published 05/23/23
Tonight's Guest WeatherBrain works for OU as a Research Associate at the Cooperative Institute for Severe and High-Impact Weather Research and Operations.  His primary role is connecting research to the needs of Emergency Management personnel.  He also volunteers with McClain County, Oklahoma EMA.  David Hogg, welcome!  Also joining us on tonight's episode is special guest and Kansas native Andrea Burns.  She's an Extension Agent for K-State Research and Extension.  Her background is in...
Published 05/16/23
Tonight's Guest WeatherBrain is the Deputy Director of the National Hurricane Center and is formerly with the Environmental Protection Agency.  He oversees the NHC’s Storm Surge Unit, which produces official storm surge forecasts during tropical cyclone threats to the United States, and facilitates post-storm response and recovery efforts. Jamie Rhome, thanks for dropping by tonight.
Published 05/09/23
Tonight's Guest WeatherBrain is a suggestion of friend of the podcast Jay Farlow.  He earned his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in meteorology at the University of Oklahoma.  He earned his PhD in Atmospheric Sciences and is now a research scientist at the University of Illinois.  His research interests include weather analysis and forecasting, computational fluid dynamics / numerical weather prediction, severe convective storms including thunderstorms and tornadoes; the role of microphysical...
Published 05/02/23
Tonight's Guest WeatherBrain is an internationally-renown Atmospheric Scientist with a PhD in Atmospheric and Climate Sciences from Sorbonne Universités – Paris, France, which ranks 35 globally and 1st in France. After her PhD, Dr. Francis worked for more than 10 years in Academia and Scientific Research at different prestigious institutions in Europe including the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique (CEA) and the European Commission...
Published 04/25/23
Tonight's Guest WeatherBrain is the Virginian author of eight books, including the nonfiction "Without Warning:  The Tornado of Udall, Kansas"; an account of the 1955 F5 tornado that struck Udall, Kansas.  He's also an English professor and a professional farmer.  Jim Minick, thanks for joining us tonight!
Published 04/18/23
Tonight's Guest WeatherBrain is a renowned speaker, prolific author, and meteorologist at the Bahamas Bureau of Meteorology.  He recently published a book about Hurricane Dorian.  He previously appeared on the show in early 2020.  Wayne Neely, thanks for joining us tonight!
Published 04/11/23
This episode focuses on "OU Nightly", a student-ran and student-lead news program that airs across the state of Oklahoma.  Tonight's first Guest WeatherBrain is a senior at the University of Oklahoma studying broadcast meteorology.  She's from Silver Spring, Maryland and is a senior weather producer for OU Nightly.  Catherine Liberta, welcome.  Also joining us as Guest WeatherBrain is senior OU meteorology student and senior weather producer for OU Nightly.  Colton Williams, thanks for...
Published 04/04/23
Tonight's Guest WeatherBrain is a new faculty member in the Department of Geography at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio where she teaches forecasting, mesoscale, and synoptic meteorology.  She earned her undergraduate degree at Penn State University, and earned her Master's degree and PhD at the University of Oklahoma in Norman.  She predominately uses mobile radar data to look at supercells and tornadoes, and emphasizes her analysis on tornadogenesis and tornadic rotation.  She...
Published 03/28/23
Tonight's Guest WeatherBrain has had a lifetime passion for severe weather.  She started storm chasing in 2018, and is a self-taught forecaster.  Her work has been featured in The Washington Post, Good Morning America and the Today Show.   She has a B.A. in Environmental Communication and an M.S. in Technical Journalism and Communication.  She's also a writer, public speaker and educator.  Jen Walton, welcome to WeatherBrains!
Published 03/21/23
Our show tonight comes on the 30th anniversary of the historic Blizzard of 1993.  Tonight's Guest WeatherBrain wrote and directed the new movie "Supercell", which will be released March 17th, 2023 in theaters, in digital and on-demand.  He completed his MFA and BA from USC School of Film in 2011.  He was one of the youngest to ever to direct, edit, and produce an NBC primetime drama show called "Siberia".  In 2015, he created Swipemarket, a creative agency focused on bringing entertainment to...
Published 03/14/23
Tonight's Guest WeatherBrain is the Founder and CEO of Climavision, based out of Louisville Kentucky since mid-2021.  He was previously an Aviation Weather Specialist in the USAF, and served in the Washington State and Massachusetts Air National Guard.  He also worked for WSI for over 15 years.  He also served as CEO of Enterprise Electronics Corporation. Chris Goode, welcome!  Our Guest Panelist tonight is a suggestion of friend of the podcast Johnny Parker.  He's the Chief Meteorologist at...
Published 03/07/23
Tonight's Guest WeatherBrain is an expert on the Global Lightning Mapper.  He's a NOAA Physical Scientist who splits time between offices at the University of Maryland and Kent State University.  He's a graduate of Ohio State University in 2004 as well as Florida State University in 2007 and 2011.  Dr. Scott Rudlosky, welcome to WeatherBrains!
Published 02/28/23
Tonight's first Guest WeatherBrain is a meteorologist, oceanographer, and science educator turned historian of science.  She authored "Weather by the Numbers:  The Genesis of Modern Meteorology".  She currently works for the Department of Science Education at the University of Copenhagen.  Dr. Kristine Harper, welcome!  Our second Guest WeatherBrain is a mesoscale/outlook forecaster at the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK.  She's been at the National Weather Service since 2002, and...
Published 02/21/23
Tonight's Guest WeatherBrain is a suggestion of friend of the podcast Jeremy Bower.  He's the Public Outreach Manager in the Community Engagement section of the American Meteorological Society.  We will be focusing our discussion tonight on the AMS Weather Band.  Gideon Alegado, welcome to the show.
Published 02/14/23
Our show tonight focuses on forecasting and defining snow squalls and what qualifies as a snow squall, why the public should pay attention, and the difficulty of the science of forecasting winter weather events.  Tonight's Guest WeatherBrain is a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in State College, Pennsylvania.  He previously joined us back on show 877.  John Banghoff, great to see you again!  Our second Guest WeatherBrain is also a 30-year veteran meteorologist at NWS State...
Published 02/07/23
Tonight's episode focuses on how and why Waymo is essentially employing their fleet of autonomously driven vehicles as mobile weather stations and what it enables. By combining Waymo’s autonomous driving sensor suite — complete with cameras, radar, and lidar —with high-quality ground-truth data from weather visibility sensors, Waymo’s engineers created a new quantitative metric about meteorological visibility that allows the Waymo Driver to generate estimates about the current weather and...
Published 01/31/23
Tonight's show focuses on the tornado outbreak on January 12th, 2023 in Central Alabama.  Our first Guest WeatherBrain is the Chief Meteorologist at WSFA-TV in Montgomery.  Josh Johnson, thanks for coming on the show.  Also joining us is WSFA-TV Meteorologist Amanda Curran.  Amanda, thanks for joining us.  We also appreciate the crew from the NWS Birmingham coming on the show tonight. Kevin Laws (Science and Operations Officer at NWS BHM) and Warning Coordination Meteorologist John De Block,...
Published 01/24/23
Tonight's show focuses on the Penn State Campus Weather Service, which is the oldest and largest student-run forecast organization in the country.  Founded in 1972, it has over 100 active members and provides weather forecasts for 11 regions in Pennsylvania.
Published 01/17/23
Tonight we come to you live from the 2023 AMS Annual Meeting in Denver Colorado with a number of special guests dropping in!  Along with our regulars, you'll hear from special guests including Dr. David John Gagne, Kathryn Prociv, Dr. Tracey Fanara, Dr. Timothy Gallaudet and many more!
Published 01/10/23
Tonight's show is the suggestion of Honorary Guest Booking Officer Jay Farlow. He suggested our first Guest WeatherBrain, who he says he had the pleasure of meeting at Valparaiso University.  Tonight's first two Guest WeatherBrains are WGRZ-TV Buffalo's broadcast meteorologists Elyse Smith and Carl Lam.  Also joining us as third Guest WeatherBrain is an expert on Emergency Services and Disaster Response at the University of Buffalo.  Dr. Natalie Simpson, welcome to the show!
Published 01/03/23
Tonight's Guest WeatherBrain is the Chief Editor of the Monthly Weather Review and previously appeared on the show back in May and is one of the most well respected and well-known meteorologists on the planet.  He is is Professor of Synoptic Meteorology in the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences at the University of Manchester. Dr. David Schultz, welcome back to the show!
Published 12/27/22
NOAA's Greg Carbin returns for our annual year ender on WeatherBrains with his 10 weather weather events of 2022.  Also joining us tonight is friend of the podcast Chris White.  Our first Guest WeatherBrain is retiring after 40 years as a TV meteorologist on WDBJ-TV in Roanoke.  He previously appeared on WeatherBrains episode 533.  Robin Reid, welcome to the podcast!
Published 12/20/22
Tonight's first Guest WeatherBrain is a Doctoral student at the University Oklahoma.  He works as a researcher with the Behavioral Insights Unit at NOAA's NSSL.  Joseph Trujillo Falcón, welcome to the show!
Published 12/13/22