On this episode of the WeCrochet Podcast learn to make money by teaching crochet! We continue our Crochet Jobs Series with a look at teaching crochet for fun or for profit. Find out how to gain skills, confidence, and even certifications that will help you land gigs teaching crochet in your community and beyond. First up, Heather talks to Arica Presinal about the Craft Yarn Council’s Certified Instructor Program. Later Katelyn chats with Pia Thadani from the Crochet Guild of America.
Published 07/08/21
School is out; summer is here! On this episode of the WeCrochet Podcast, the team flashes back to some nostalgic memories of high school. Katelyn sits down to talk to Selin Kocalar of Woolly Wishes, a non-profit organization founded by a high schooler, dedicated to using handicrafts to heal Syrian refugee communities affected by war. Then crochet summer school is in session and Heather, Katelyn and Producer Sarah talk all about the top ways to learn more crochet this summer. 
Published 06/24/21
Summer is here and the WeCrochet team is making plans on how best to spend this crafting season, from reminiscing about past haircuts to dyeing yarns with the kids. This week on the WeCrochet Podcast we're continue our deep dive into crochet testing by talking to Denise Clark aka TheCajunCrafter about size inclusivity for testers.
Published 06/10/21
When designers write a pattern, crochet testers are the first to try their patterns and help shape the final product through their experience making the item, and providing feedback to the designer. First, Heather and Katelyn talk about what it means to be a test crocheter/sample maker for WeCrochet compared to being a tester for indie designer. Next, Heather sits down with Brittany Garber / KnotBadBritt and the Makers of Color Collective to get a comprehensive insider view on being a crochet...
Published 05/27/21
On Today's episode of the WeCrochet Podcast Heather and Sara check in on their recent projects and Sara interview Tian Connaughton about her latest online course, Get Published. Tian aims to help aspiring knit and crochet pattern designers navigate the world of submitting, designing, editing, publishing, and so much more. While the series was developed for all who are interested in publishing pattern designs, the initiative was created specifically to support BIPOC designers to pursue...
Published 05/10/21
In this episode of the WeCrochet Podcast, we're talking about all things TV plus crochet! In this golden age of on-demand content, TV and crochet go together like Laverne and Shirley. First Sara, Katelyn, and Heather chat about what they've been watching while they crochet. Next, Heather and Katelyn talk about the patterns of Issue 6 of WeCrochet Magazine. Finally, Producer Sarah joins Heather to nerd out about famous crocheters, theories about crochet on TV, the most famous afghan in pop...
Published 04/20/21
The team is trying out a new podcast theme in this episode, Food for Thought. Today we're talking all about food! First, Katelyn and Producer Sarah join Heather to talk about their signature recipes, and the parallels between cooking and crochet. Next, Katelyn tells Heather her Top 5 Snacks to eat while crocheting, and Heather counters with the Top 5 Snacks NOT to eat while crocheting. Finally, Heather sits down for a chat with Stephanie Pokorny of Crochetverse.
Published 04/01/21
This episode is all about YARN! First, Sara, Katelyn, and Heather talk about how they feel when they get new yarn, and what they do while they're waiting for the yarn delivery truck to arrive. Next, Katelyn and Sara drop all their yarn knowledge from ply, twist, weight, to wraps per inch, fiber, put-up, and more. Finally, Heather chats with Wendy Peterson of YarnSub.com.
Published 03/18/21
What's your crochet level? Are crochet levels even real? What makes a crochet pattern basic vs. complex? We'll tackle these questions and more in this episode. First, Katelyn, Sara and Heather talk about how they plan to celebrate International Crochet Month. Next, Sara and Katelyn talk about must-have tools for crocheters. Finally, Regan and Zoey join Heather for a big ol' conversation about the crochet knowledge you need in order to make a pattern, based on standards for project levels.
Published 03/04/21
We're launching a series about crochet-related jobs (and how to get them). We are talking about how crochet employs all types of people in different positions, with a focus on designers. First up, Heather and Katelyn chat with Producer Sarah about their first jobs. Next, Katelyn walks Heather through the life cycle of developing patterns at WeCrochet. Finally, Heather continues the discussion with the team from Crochet Foundry again to talk all about jobs.
Published 02/18/21
In this episode of the WeCrochet Podcast the team focuses on the crochet community. First, Heather, Sara and Katelyn come together for an impromptu healing session when they think about the last year and how it has changed how they look at community. Next, Heather talks to Amber Millard and Lee Sartori from Stitch Together about their online community of monthly Crochet Alongs or CALs. Lastly Heather checks in with the Crochet Foundry team about their origins and their upcoming spring...
Published 02/04/21
Today's episode is all about the joy of crochet! First, Sara and Heather talk about the parts of crochet that bring them the most joy. Next, Producer Sarah chats with Sara about the concept of "sparking joy" from author Marie Kondo's book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and applying it to your crochet organization. Finally, Heather sits down with Lisa Chayka of HELLOHappy, a crochet designer whose specialty is fun, whimsical and happy crochet designs.
Published 01/21/21
In this episode we're talking all about cuddling up and crocheting the winter days away. First, Heather and Sara check in and find out how each other's holiday went and what projects they worked on during their time off. Next, Heather & Regan chat about our Wintertide Collection, which has all the crochet patterns you need to make it until spring. Last, Katelyn answers your important crochet questions.
Published 01/11/21
The WeCrochet Team talks all about crafty resolutions. First, Sara and Heather remind each other of their 2020 resolutions. Next, Heather invites Regan and Producer Sarah to reflect on 2020, talk about this year's yarn-related accomplishments, and share their new resolutions for 2021. Finally, Sara asks Katelyn whether she sets resolutions at the beginning of each year, and the two discuss their possible goals, making changes to them until they're just right for the new year.
Published 12/30/20
Today we’re talking all about temperature blankets. First up Sara and Heather chat about the weather and the idea of temperature blankets, which are a snapshot of weather trends in a given location over an entire year. Then Katelyn gives Sara an overview of the who, what, when, where and why of temperature blankets, with lots of helpful hints. Finally Heather talks to Toni Lipsey, the crochet designer behind TL Yarn Crafts, who designed our Temperature blanket Crochet Along.
Published 12/18/20
Today we're talking about our holiday crafting lists, what to do with pom-poms, and interviewing a yarnpreneur and crocheter about her yarn vending machines. First, Sara and Heather chat about crocheting for the holidays and what does or does not constitute a good crochet gift for kids or other members of the family. Katelyn joins Heather to talk all about pom-poms. Then Heather interviews Emani Outterbridge, an entrepreneur who has launched her own yarn line and the world's first yarn...
Published 12/03/20
Today we are talking to some very special guests, Kathy and Anne, working to inspire warmth, connection, creativity and community in voting lines across the country as well as in Georgia. WarmTheLine is a craftivism project that aims to help share warm items to people waiting in line to vote. While the group started earlier this year and organized over 3000 handmade items to voters during the November elections, they are now focusing their efforts on the upcoming Georgia election and beyond.
Published 11/27/20
In this episode of the WeCrochet Podcast, we talk about our brand new holiday crochet patterns, and get some advice on swatching in the round. First, Katelyn joins Sara and Heather to talk about the release of Issue 5 of WeCrochet Magazine and then share their favorite projects from the Warm Wishes collection. Designer Brenda K.B. Anderson joins Heather again to give her tips for swatching in the round. We also discover what the crochet mascot would look like if crochet had a mascot.
Published 11/20/20
In this episode we’re talking about the best crochet advice and amigurumi—the art of crocheting toys—and more. Regan and Heather share some wisdom from our community about the best crochet advice they've ever received. Then Heather chats with designer Brenda K.B. Anderson about her crochet backstory, what she learned from her unusual day job that helps inform her cute crochet designs, and all about amigurumi, including Brenda's tips for success.
Published 11/06/20
Today we're talking about craftivism, or the act of combining crafting with activism, and talking to Laverne of BzyPeach about the emPowerpeople 2020 movement. First, Producer Sarah checks in with Sara and talks about how she's been using crafting therapeutically this year. They briefly discuss craftivism and its history. Next, Regan and Heather chat about the 12 Weeks of Gifting. Finally, Heather talks to Laverne Benton about her project emPower People 2020.
Published 10/23/20
In this episode of the WeCrochet Podcast, we added an extra person to our team and we answer some your most important crochet inquiries. First, meet Katelyn! Heather throws her into the deep end with some questions as part of Meet the Team: Lightning Edition. Then Sara, Heather, and Katelyn put their heads together to tackle your crochet-related Frequently Asked Questions. They'll give answers, opinions, and maybe learn a thing or two.
Published 10/09/20
On this episode we're celebrating our new collaboration with crochet designer Janine Myska. First, Sara and Heather chat about their completed crochet projects this summer. Next, Sara gets together with Janine Myska talks about the creation of her collection, featuring 5 new size-inclusive crochet garment designs. Sara asks Janine why size inclusivity is important to her, and also gets some behind-the-scenes info about creating and photographing this collection.
Published 09/25/20
What does your self care look like? How long is too long to crochet in one sitting? What's the best ergonomic crochet hook for pencil-grip style of crochet? These are just some of the questions we are answering in this episode. Sara and Heather field several questions from our crochet community that center around various self-care topics. Next, Heather chats with an occupational therapist and she gives us tips and tricks for stretching, taking breaks, and keeping your crochet hands limber.
Published 09/11/20
In this episode, we're talking about new quarantine hobbies, crochet gauge, and our favorite crochet cable pattern of the 'Off the Beaten Path' collection from WeCrochet Magazine Issue 4. First, Heather tells Sara about the monster hiding in her shower. Next, Sara tells Heather everything she wanted to know about crochet gauge but was afraid to ask. Finally, the two chat about the new all-cables collection in WeCrochet Magazine Issue 4.
Published 08/28/20
This episode is all about those little things that make your crochet that much better, from crochet hacks to learning the best way to block your project to make it look its best. What do bobby pins, TP rolls, and a pile of yarn scraps have in common? Producer Sarah and Heather talk about their favorite thrifty crochet hacks. Then, Sara teaches Heather how to block her crochet projects, and how to decide whether to mist, steam, or soak a project for best blocking results.
Published 08/14/20