“a cuisine is a set of food practices that ordinary people care about passionately.”
Published 05/04/20
Published 04/27/20
“it would be hard to imagine much of American cuisine existing without . . . the odd clove of garlic in many of the recipes.”
Published 04/27/20
“we were just talking about how Sherry's a grandmother drink and then. . . boom. Now we're talking about how it's a pirate’s drink.”
Published 04/20/20
And who could imagine any celebration, be it a wedding, a christening, the launching of a ship, or any business success not being marked by the opening of a great bottle of Champagne?
Published 04/13/20
In this episode, our host Simon Majumdar, adds a big tick to his bucket list and goes to visit Ken Burns in his own restaurant in New Hampshire.
Published 12/23/19
“I like to keep it very simple and serve my truffles shaved over a plate of gently scrambled eggs or a bowl of pasta.”
Published 12/16/19
“Filipino cuisine is like a symphony of subtle flavors. The sweet, sour, salty and a bit bitter and garlicky, a bit spicy.”
Published 12/09/19
“Humans have always had an innate desire for sweetness in the food they eat.”
Published 12/02/19
“So lots of corn, beans, squashes, nuts, roots, shoots, berries, eggs, shellfish.” (FYI - The recording isn't up to our usual standards, thanks for understanding.)
Published 11/25/19
“It embodies kind of everything that I am. I'm simple but incredibly complicated and fuzzy.”
Published 11/18/19
“Scientists believe that lobsters have been in existence for several million years.”
Published 11/11/19
“Whiskey in a barrel is a living, breathing thing.”
Published 11/04/19
“in Scotland, whisky is spelled W-H-I-S-K-Y -- there is no “E” used in the word.”
Published 10/28/19
“Breakfast in the United States was as serious a proposition as it was in Britain”
Published 10/21/19
“The story of how this beverage made its way from Ethiopia – where coffee was first drunk – and Yemen – where coffee was first cultivated, to becoming such a ubiquitous drink is a fascinating one.”
Published 10/14/19
“The widely held belief that Marco Polo was responsible for the introduction of pasta to Italy is quite a recent one.”
Published 10/07/19
Simon Majumdar is back. Get ready to delve into a whole new season of Eat My Globe! Season 3 is packed with loads of new stories, historical food facts and some very well known guests. It all starts October 7th, 2019!
Published 09/23/19
“He is a person who is often credited with being the first celebrity chef”
Published 05/27/19
“It’s a dish that is rapidly becoming one of the most increasingly popular across the globe and a dish that has a truly fascinating history.”
Published 05/20/19
In this very special episode of Eat My Globe, our host, Simon Majumdar, interviews the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History Brewing History Curator Theresa McCulla. Simon and Theresa will discuss the fascinating history of beer.
Published 05/13/19
“It is believed that the origins of brewing coincide with the period when communities were formed for the purposes of cereal agriculture of grains such as barley, wheat, rice and maize.”
Published 05/06/19
“We also see the next great development in the move of beef from occasional delicacy to America’s national protein.”
Published 04/29/19
“I am not alone in my love for beef.”
Published 04/22/19
“In Ancient Greece, the art of cheesemaking was considered a gift from the gods. . . .”
Published 04/15/19