In this next episode of Eat My Globe, our host, Simon Majumdar, challenges his Food Network colleague, and revered chef, Marcus Samuelsson, to select 5 people that should join the Eat My Globe Culinary Pantheon. The fascinating selection is made from Marcus’ journeys around the world and in search of the roots of African American food.
Published 07/05/21
“Boys were also purposely underfed so that they would have to develop the skills of stealth by pilfering food.”
Published 06/28/21
Food Network Chef and Baker Extraordinaire Duff Goldman names 5 people from baking history who deserved to be raised to the Eat My Globe Culinary pantheon.
Published 06/21/21
the Portuguese, who had well established trade routes, who took chili around the globe.
Published 06/14/21
In this next episode of Eat My Globe, our host, Simon Majumdar, discusses the notion formulated by Alfred. W. Crosby, that of “The Columbian Exchange,” with Dr. Carla Pestana, the Department Chair of the UCLA Department of History. This movement of goods, people, technology and disease between Europe and the colonized world helped create the world we live in today.
Published 06/07/21
the notion of not having a fridge or fridge freezer might seem unthinkable, and nearly 8 million new models are sold each year.
Published 05/31/21
If you have a moment, please do check out the latest episode of @EatMyGlobe. In this episode, our host, @SimonMajumdar, challenges James Beard Award winning writer and creator of the Street Gourmet LA website, Bill Esparza @StreetGourmetLA, to name 5 people to be elevated to the Eat My Globe Culinary Pantheon. It’s an eclectic mix gleaned from Bill’s impeccable knowledge of the cuisine of the Americas.
Published 05/24/21
It was not terribly long before the people began to relish the side effects of drinking this “medicine” .
Published 05/17/21
Simon talks with weight loss surgeon Dr. Terry Simpson about some of the weirdest diets and wildest things people have eaten the past.
Published 05/10/21
He suggests an abstinence from red meat and most alcohol, except a little wine.
Published 05/03/21
“the lamp is in a crystal, and the crystal shining as if a pearl - like radiant star, lit from the oil of a blessed olive tree."
Published 04/26/21
Season 6 is coming soon! Hear here on April 26th, 2021! Listen up as Creator and Host Simon Majumdar tells you what's on for the next batch of episodes!
Published 04/17/21
“four women who I believe do not always receive the appreciation they deserve for their contribution to food history.”
Published 12/14/20
“these ingredients created empires and very much shaped the world we live in today.”
Published 12/07/20
Simon Majumdar interviews Sother Teague, legendary mixologist and author of the terrific book, “I’m Just Here for the Drinks.”
Published 11/30/20
Simon answers your questions about Eat My Globe and more!
Published 11/23/20
“even that car culture has contributed to the city’s cuisine.”
Published 11/16/20
“how the dish went from being an “accidental” dish in a Glasgow curry house to . . . becoming a declared British national dish.”
Published 11/09/20
“It was, as I like to say, that curry is a cuisine born of India, matured in Britain, and then sent around the world.”
Published 11/02/20
“Whereas these are just vegetables, but copious amounts of butter. . . .”
Published 10/26/20
“Some of the more unusual dishes – even for that time – include ingredients such as seals, porpoises, cranes and whales.”
Published 10/19/20
“the eggs from these fish were so readily available that they were even offered up as free snacks in bars – a caviar sandwich.”
Published 10/12/20
“eating savillum seems like quite a way to end a meal that would have been more than satisfactory to wealthy Romans.”
Published 10/05/20
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Published 09/23/20
“pork fits into what I believe is America’s greatest contribution to world cuisine: BBQ.”
Published 05/11/20