Hosts Juna Gjata and Dr. Eddie Phillips return with a special message, and another great podcast recommendation. Juna and Eddie are hard at work making the second season of Food, We Need To Talk, but in the meantime be sure to check out Anything For Selena. In Anything for Selena, host Maria Garcia takes listeners on a deeply personal journey into the life and legacy of the Mexican-American popstar Selena Quintanilla. She shares how Selena's music and unapologetic sense of identity helped...
Published 03/19/21
We want to tell you about another great podcast: Inappropriate Questions from the CBC. Inappropriate Questions is back with Season! Hosts Elena Hudgins Lyle, a queer millennia, and Harvinder Wadhwa, a dad, talk to people who have been asked uncomfortable questions like: “Did you lose weight?” or “How old are you?” or “Can I speak to your manager?” Each episode unpacks where these questions come from and explores more respectful ways to get curious.  If you like what you hear,...
Published 06/11/20
As you know our "Food, We Need To Talk" season just ended, but I want to tell you about another great podcast produced by WBUR that is just starting its season, "Kind World": https://www.wbur.org/kindworld "Kind World" wants to be your 2020 counter-programming! From pandemics to politics, the news out there definitely isn't great. But "Kind World" promises to restore your faith in humanity. Each week the team brings you one story about how an act of kindness transformed lives. Listen to...
Published 03/16/20
Published 03/16/20
From weight stigma to the "Health At Every Size" movement, Eddie and Juna dig into the complex issue of body image with Dr. Mark Berman, Dr. Lesley Williams, Janet Tomiyama, Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford and Sal Distefano.
Published 03/09/20
Juna reveals that she is battling an eating disorder and explores how and why dieting can tip into problem territory, and what to do about it. Experts in this episode include Jenny Thomas, co-director of the Eating Disorders Clinical and Research Program at Massachusetts General Hospital and Kristin Javaras, clinical psychologist at McLean Hospital.
Published 02/24/20
Want a flat stomach? A faster metabolism? Maybe to get rid of that cellulite? Well, there's a supplement for that. If only it were so easy... But as with most things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Guests in this episode include champion lifter Layne Norton and Dr. Pieter Cohen.
Published 02/17/20
Juna and Eddie answer listeners' questions about exercise, from "how much is enough" to "how much is too much?"
Published 02/10/20
"Stress eating" can shift food preferences toward sugar and fat, leading Eddie and Juna to try the famous "raisin exercise." They also check in with Dr. John Denninger at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine and Dr. Marc Potenza at Yale School of Medicine.
Published 02/03/20
From potatoes to quickie "food challenges," Eddie and Juna answer questions from listeners.
Published 01/27/20
You know better than to expect life to be fair. But still, it's enough to drive anyone crazy: Some people seem to be able to eat anything they want and never gain weight. About 50% of weight variation stems from genetics, according to Rooth Loos, a professor of public health at the Icahn School of Medicine. We'll also hear from Yale neuroscientist Dana Small.
Published 01/20/20
Asked for just one recommendation for lifelong health, our experts all had the same answer: exercise. And there's one type of exercise that may bring the best benefit in the least amount of time. Experts include: Wayne Westcott, Sal Di Stefano, and Jackie Shahar. (Bonus: For more on exercise, listen to "The Magic Pill": https://www.wbur.org/magicpill)
Published 01/13/20
Possibly the best thing you can do to help yourself eat better is not about choosing a particular type of food at all. It's about the quality of what you eat. The hosts distill the state of nutrition science down to a few helpful basics. Experts include: Dr. Walter Willett, Michael Pollan and Dr. Rani Polak.
Published 01/06/20
Among the scary insights that brain science can offer into junk foods: eating them tends to shift food preferences long-term -- at least, in mice. Co-hosts Dr. Eddie Phillips and Juna Gjata discuss what happens in your brain when you eat the most craveable foods.
Published 12/30/19
What if there’s no forbidden fruit? What if you think about eating to take care of yourself? In episode two, Juna describes the judgments she and others impose on themselves and their food choices.
Published 12/23/19
Episode one! 24-year-old co-host Juna Gjata says restrictive eating has made her miserable her entire adult life, but she’s sure if she stops she’ll "literally gain 20 pounds on gingerbread lattes peppermint mochas." Enter Dr. Eddie Phillips, founder of the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine and a seasoned doctor, who aims to help Juna get to a happier, healthier place with food.
Published 12/23/19
One woman's quest to end her war with food. Hosts Juna Gjata and Dr. Eddie Phillips wield solid science, medical knowledge, common sense and an endless supply of dad jokes to teach us how to eat better and feel better about it. Hint: It’s not dieting. They discuss exercise, body image, food addiction, genetics, weight loss and more. A WBUR production.
Published 12/06/19