This episode includes chat about.. The Meet up Training programs and how to program for optimal results Training volume over the week Dealing with Covid 3 toblerones!!!! Managing Christmas events Sign up to ECM accountability Christmas here
Published 11/28/22
Many interesting topics covered: Including Chloe being fingered by her Physio, Selling poo for £10 a day Water intake requirements Goal specific training Appetite, exercise and low calories Running and fat loss ACCOUNTABILITY CHRISTMAS!!!! Be first to hear about our next intake here
Published 11/22/22
Published 11/22/22
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Published 11/18/22
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Published 11/14/22
Chloe asks some questions about boobs, We discuss neutron advice around menopause, How to eat slower and the importance of this, Over training, & the weekend cycle of over eating Enjoy! Join the EC method here: TheECmethod.co.uk Chat to us here
Published 11/08/22
Today's episode covers: - How to avoid overwhelm by focusing on the next step - Sleep and its impact on muscle mass and hunger - Fat loss as a small woman - Getting steps in when its dark - what are the safe options - Balancing foods - the need to stop glorifying junk food - Managing social events Enjoy! Join us here: TheECmethod.co.uk
Published 11/03/22
A chat about maintenance and what that means to you, BMI, health and when to stop losing weight. HIIT and fitness Focusing on the process not the outcome TheECmethod.co.uk
Published 10/31/22
Need some help to reach your health and fitness goals? Sick of yo-yo dieting? This is for you! TheECmethod.co.uk
Published 10/28/22
Another Q&A with Chlemma We discuss: The EC event Family meals and holidays Getting back on track Weight loss expectations per week Intermittent fasting Sunday roasts Over eating when stressed Join the EC method here: TheECmethod.co.uk
Published 10/24/22
Lots of topics covered today including: - Climate friendly diets - what changes make the biggest difference? - Cravings - what do they mean? - CBD evidence - Food waste - Breast feeding calorie needs - Social occasions while dieting - Social norms Join the EC method here: TheECmethod.co.uk Message us on IG here: @MadeletChloe @ESGfitness
Published 10/21/22
Topics covered today... Improving your core Buying back calories Massage guns Injury mindsets Tricep engagement Wrist straps Roll outs And being lucky Plus lots more! TheECmethod.co.uk
Published 10/17/22
Today's episode: Exercise demo from Chloe DOMs Walking Vs running for fat loss Creatine and water retention Scale weight rants Body changes after pregnancy Hydration and hunger Lonely mouth TheECmethod.co.uk
Published 10/14/22
Topics covered on today's episode: - admin updates - Goal setting - Workout Qs - Gym intimidation -Baby brain - Type 2 diabetes - Fasted cardio & many more things that I forgot to write down. Enjoy! TheECmethod.co.uk
Published 10/10/22
WELCOME LIVE for the new intake. Caffeine and fat loss - how does it work? Are there calories in cocaine? Carb and fat requirements The impact of sleep on fat loss and building muscle Alcohol and dieting & the tuna wrap story. TheECmethod.co.uk @MadeleyChloe @ESGfitness
Published 10/09/22
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Published 10/07/22
4 evidence based behaviours linked to fat loss explored. Stop telling yourself you are confused also explored... Many Qs answered. If you haven't signed up yet - don't hang around! Join here
Published 10/04/22
Topics include: The row vs sail analogy A trip to new york 5:2 diet Overcoming the dip & diet breaks Enjoy! @ESGfitness Sign up below! TheECmethod.co.uk
Published 09/30/22
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Published 09/28/22
A lot on alcohol, How to approach gifts of food, & a tough love pep talk - Enjoy! TheECmethod.co.uk
Published 09/26/22
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Published 09/23/22
HA recovery and dieting Weight loss journey - 1 tip Specificty Metabolic adaptation Breast cancer stats and exercise Pep talk The benefits beyond fat loss
Published 09/20/22
Emma is a bit weird on this one. It's been a long week. I think some useful things nonetheless! @ESGfitness TheECmethod.co.uk
Published 09/16/22
CHLOE IS HERE! We cover: Protein needs for endurance, evening routines, Guilt Fault Vs blame & Eggs TheECmethod.co.uk @MadeleyChloe @ESGfitness
Published 09/12/22
This episode we cover: Emotional eating, The scale weight, When your kids go to uni, Sugar, Same day workouts, & more! Join us here
Published 09/05/22