Today we talk about a billionaire's plan to buy TikTok to make a more open internet, ByteDance launches a Close Friends sharing app called "Whee", the Threads API begins to roll out, Instagram Creator Insights are visible to brands, and the @Creators account explains how hashtags work!
Published 06/18/24
Adam Mosseri was interviewed by Colin and Samir, and essentially said "there's no point to paying Creators on Instagram if they were going to create that content anyway". Something is fundamentally broken here and I don't like it.
Published 06/16/24
Today we discuss BeReal, a photo sharing app that was popular about 2 years ago, and just sold for $500 million. We also get into an Instagram @Creators account post discussing if the performance of your current content affects your future content, and a clip from Adam Mosseri explaining why carousels can perform better than Reels.
Published 06/13/24
Today's episode features a clip from the TikTok Privacy team to help you take control of your comments and DMs, plus Adam Mosseri's Ask Me Anything clips include information on the top 3 things Creators should know, underrated features for Creators, and the best ways to use Notes.
Published 06/10/24
Facebook wants to win over Gen Z, Instagram tests ways to share Reels with smaller groups - friends, and non-followers - before sharing with everyone. Instagram has also improved carousels to support multiple image sizes (finally!). Additionally, Sarah Frier, author of "No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram" stops by. (As always, links to everything in the show notes.)
Published 06/08/24
TikTok denies rumors it's building an alternative algorithm for US users, but sources inside the company say otherwise. TikTok also gives small businesses a comprehensive guide to getting started on the platform. Instagram provides updates to Broadcast Channels, the @Creators account explains why asking for engagement is not a good idea, and Adam Mosseri explains about not replying to comments for an hour after posting.
Published 06/05/24
Instagram @Creators account says having Calls to Action in your posts are not allowed. But what about ManyChat? Instagram quickly removed the @Creators video. Also featuring Ask Me Anything questions and answers from the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri.
Published 06/03/24