Most of us are familiar with the field to fork journey or even nose to tail cooking but this week on the Kitchen Café, Chef Tom Hunt joins Jenny MacPherson to talk about his root to fruit philosophy and we hear about easy ways in which we can all eat and cook more sustainably. Also, Jenny takes a trip to Ullapool on the west coast of Scotland to get a taste of the Caribbean and Simon Preston finds out why macaroni pies go so well with a traditional Caribbean dish called chicken brown down.
Published 03/19/20
Published 03/19/20
How often do you come across tins of food right at the back of your cupboard that you just don’t quite know what to do with? Author of Tin Can Magic, Jessica Dennison tells us how we can transform humble tins of food into hearty delicious meals for any night of the week. Simon Preston visits one of Leith’s newest charcuteries, Chef Neil Forbes tells us how to make your own home made bacon and Ghillie Basan cooks us up a delicious chocolate fridge cake.
Published 03/12/20
Fancy a bit of “healthy hedonism”?! Food writer Signe Johansen explains to Jenny Macpherson why cooking for one can be fun and describes how we can create simple solo meals without it feeling like a chore. Chef and big brunch fan Alfie Little shows us how to create a bistro-style brunch at home by making a simple frittata and a delicious espresso smoothie. Simon Preston finds out why passionate bakers Lesley Pert and Cecilia Young give up their time to make cakes for kids. And Jenny...
Published 03/05/20
Does having your kids cooking in the kitchen from an early age always have to result in kitchen chaos? Jenny MacPherson talks to food blogger Foodie Quine and cookery teacher Sumayya Usmani about different ways we can encourage children to become more involved in family cooking. Chef Steven Devlin cooks up a delicious spaghetti carbonara - the first dish he learned to cook as a 13 year old - and he talks about how his love of food took him from a 13 year old kitchen porter to later...
Published 02/27/20
Chef Kirsten Gilmour has set herself a bit of a “5-mile challenge”, buying as much produce as possible from her local high street. She loves to support local businesses and cut down on the food miles but just how do-able is it? What little steps can we all take to shop more sustainably? And is it a case of being more organised and getting more creative with what IS available round the corner? Continuing our occasional series on how to make the most of your food on a city break, ex-pat...
Published 02/20/20
Do you want to save £440 per year? We can help you to be more cash savvy in the kitchen! Ylva Haglund from Zero Waste Scotland is on hand with lots of simple money saving tips. Radio Scotland's 'Clever about Cash' presenter Kim McAllister is set the 'yellow sticker challenge' to hunt out bargains in the local supermarket. As Valentines Day is on the horizon, Jenny MacPherson and Scotland's very own spice girl, Ghillie Basan explores what it means to cook with love as they create a...
Published 02/13/20
Does the sandwich you brought to work today feel like something really special? If not, on the Kitchen Café this week we’ll be finding out what makes the ultimate sandwich and we’ll be giving you some ideas of how you can make your own gourmet sandwich on the cheap. Selecting the right bread is essential so David Hoyle from the Findhorn Bakery will be talking about the various grains he uses and how that changes the flavour and texture of the bread. Are you looking for food that will give...
Published 02/06/20
Fed up of stodgy comfort food but not quite ready for spring salads? Step forward the blood orange – bang in season and sure to put a zing into your cooking! Chef Neil Forbes shows Jenny MacPherson how to make a warm pigeon breast and blood orange salad – just 20 minutes from start to finish! Avacados - love ‘em or loathe ‘em? They’re a bit of a "marmite" food so how does Dave Griffiths manage to devote an entire café to those squidgy green beauties? Emma Gryczka meets him to find out...
Published 01/30/20
If you think Burns night is all about haggis, neeps and tatties then think again......Chef Neil Forbes joins Jenny MacPherson to give haggis a complete makeover, Ryan Van Winkle talks about how food and poetry are the perfect pairing and Emma Gryczka heads along to Aberdeen's indoor market where she gets a pasta masterclass from Francesco Di Nicola.
Published 01/23/20
January is a time where many of us have to think about tightening the purse strings so Lorna Cooper joins Jenny MacPherson to talk about her new book "How To Feed Your Family On £20 A Week", and Mary Contini, having grown up in a large Italian family, gives us some great hints and tips on how to make your food go further. Plus, Simon Preston visits Glasgow’s first Hellenic Pie shop to learn how to make a traditional Greek Spanakopita pie.
Published 01/16/20
Left over chicken on a Monday, mince and tatties on a Tuesday, macaroni on a Wednesday and baked potato on a Thursday… Does this sound familiar? Chef Andy Cumming and food writer Sumayya Usmani join Jenny MacPherson to make dull dinners a thing of the past as they provide inspiration to shake up your weekly menu. Also, if we shop in the same places and buy the same ingredients then it’s likely we’ll cook the same things so Simon Preston visits an international supermarket in an attempt to...
Published 01/09/20
Jenny Macpherson and the team get the new year off to a cracking start with some fresh foodie inspiration! Kilted chef Craig Wilson explains how we can all make our kitchens and our cooking more sustainable with some simple everyday tips. Food writer Felicity Cloake offers advice and ideas for getting the most out of our food on a city break, from the markets we shop in to the street food we try out ... and from the cafes we sample coffee in to the restaurants we dine at. Local resident...
Published 01/02/20
If your palate is in need of a bit of a lift after all the festive indulgence then cook and food writer Ghillie Basan is on hand to spice up your Boxing Day dinner with a delicious gado gado, guaranteed to get your taste buds going! Chef Julie Lin lets us sample some of her mouth-watering Malaysian mee hoon goreng and explains why she chose it as her Boxing Day dish... Jenny MacPherson hears about how other cultures from around the world celebrate food throughout the festive period here in...
Published 12/26/19
If you're looking for some inspiration on the festive food front, Scotland's National Chef Gary Maclean cooks us up a couple of delicious starters including citrus prawns and pan seared mackerel. Mary Contini has some great ideas for Christmas nibbles to keep you going while you slave over a hot stove and Simon Preston meets up with wine expert Davy Zyw for some advice on what festive fizz we should have on our Christmas tables this year.
Published 12/19/19
Festive food inspiration - from sides you can freeze ahead to pudding ideas and cheeses! Chef Alfie Little cooks some Christmas side dishes you can make now and freeze ahead of the big day, baker Jeni Hardie makes a cranberry chocolate brownie for those who want a change from Christmas pudding and cheese expert Phoebe Weller shares her tips on creating a memorable festive cheeseboard!
Published 12/12/19
Jenny MacPherson, Claire Jessiman and Simon Preston review some of this year's Christmas cook books, chef Neil Forbes cooks us up a delicious festive Ecclefechan tart and Carina Contini is on hand to give us tips on creating some tasty, edible Christmas gifts.
Published 12/05/19
It may still be November… and you might not want to hear the C word … but trust us, your Christmas food planning and cooking will be a lot less stressful with Beth Kempton’s guide to a calm Christmas. And it starts right now! Food writer and lover of all things Italian Vicky Bennison has spent years travelling across Italy, meeting the nonnas and finding out their culinary secrets. Discover just how simple it is to cook like a “pasta granny” in your kitchen at home! Nigel Slater explains...
Published 11/28/19
Ghillie Basan shows us some inspiring ways in which we can use up our leftovers in a pot of soup and Fife food ambassador Christopher Trotter is on hand to give us some expert advice on how to create the perfect stock. Also, Christopher Mullin tells Andrew Thomson about his one man mission to revive the ancient tradition of making mead in Scotland.
Published 11/21/19
The Hairy Bikers Si King and Dave Myers talk to Jenny about their new book 'One Pot Wonders' and as November is soup month on The Kitchen Café, chef Alfie from River House restaurant in Inverness shows us how to make a quick fish soup, using only 5 ingredients. Also, as part of Children In Need week, Jenny speaks to Carol MacLennan from the Elgin Youth Café to hear about the difference their cookery classes are making to the young folk of Elgin.
Published 11/14/19
Join Jenny MacPherson and the team for more great foodie ideas, stories and inspirational tips. This week Nigel Slater shares his passion for autumn and winter cooking with a whole bunch of fresh, inspiring recipe ideas. He explains how the plant-based recipes in his new GreenFeast book are comforting, satisfying and certainly not puritanical! Oh, and some pudding-for-breakfast confessions like: “I have been known to open the fridge at 7 o’clock in the morning and glory, there’s...
Published 11/07/19
Chef Andrew Barnett shows us how to have fun with food at Halloween and Jenny MacPherson speaks to Ailidh Forlan about her new book, 'Street Food Scotland' and hears how the street food scene is expanding throughout the country. Claire Jessiman then shows us how to put your pumpkin seeds to good use as she roasts them with maple syrup and spices!........and Andrew Thompson investigates why there's no pumpkin in a pumpkin latte!
Published 10/31/19
James Morton shows us how simple it is to make and keep your sourdough starter alive and dietician Kirsty Hickson tells us some of the health benefits of eating sourdough breads. Also, Jenny MacPherson takes a wander around an orchard just north of Inverness, to see how they’re turning their apples into cider.
Published 10/24/19
The Kitchen Café is back – the perfect place to head for your weekly dose of foodie news, tips, inspiration and interviews! An awareness of plastic pollution is a hot topic right now but what can we do if we want to reduce our own usage of it? Kelly Wright from the Refillary explains to Jenny Macpherson the simple ways we can all use less plastic when we're out shopping and in our kitchens. Simon Preston meets passionate baker and author James Morton to hear about his love of sourdough....
Published 10/17/19
Instagrammer Sophia Thain speaks to Jenny MacPherson about how through social media she’s trying to inspire other students to make better food choices. Simon Preston heads to a café in Edinburgh to find out why ‘overnight oats’ has become a hashtag hit! Porridge purists beware…….the days of adding salt and water are long gone! Also, street food chef Jamie Ross flexes his mussels in studio and explains why cooking shellfish is easy. He’ll be serving up mussels in a curry sauce and mussels in...
Published 10/10/19