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Tarzan takes a break from hunting a dinner for Bertha and stops by the native village from which she had recently escaped to find them preparing a cannibal feast for a captive. A branch breaks under him as he is watching, he falls, and soon becomes their intended second course.   Meanwhile, one of the smartest and strongest of the yuong apes guarding Bertha Kircher returns from his forays excited and wanting to tell her something- finally she understands he wants her to accompany him and 8 other apes on a mission to save Tarzan.
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Inside the walled city, Bertha Kircher is escorted into the main palace, where she meets a very unexpected captive.  Looking for more great stories? Try our new website at www.bestof1001stories.com and browse 11 1001 shows- you are guaranteed to find great quality stories and interviews.
Published 07/21/24
Published 07/21/24
Tarzan sets out upon the trail left by Bertha, the lieutenant, and their captors, and finds himself in a very unsual jungle in the middle of a desert.  Just beyond the jungle, a walled ancient city, one in which he is sure he will find Lt. Smith Oldwick and Bertha Kircher. But he has to survive a...
Published 07/14/24