Holly Smale on finding love
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How do you explain being in a long term loving relationship when you’ve not really had one yet? In her latest novel, The Cassandra Complex, Holly Smale attempts just that. She tells us about accidentally and then deliberately writing an autistic character, how being an autistic woman has left her vulnerable, and how being diagnosed later in life has affected her dating life. We also get tips from our listeners on how to find love and make sure they’re right for you. Presented by Robyn Steward and Jamie Knight. Produced by Drew Hyndman and Edited by Clare Fordham. Listen via your smart speaker by saying "Ask the BBC for 1800 Seconds on Autism" and subscribe on BBC Sounds. Email us: [email protected].
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Published 03/27/23
Monotropism. That’s a big word isn’t it? Well for one of our hosts it’s been a massive one. Jamie says it’s changed his life, so we are joined by one of the first people to theorise it, Dr Wenn Lawson, to explain just what it is and why it could help autistic people and those around them to live...
Published 03/27/23
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Published 03/27/23