TikTok Song Trends and More! May 2021
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Dena and Melissa start the show discussing the new promotion feature on TikTok. 5:10 ~ We catch you up on what some of our past guests are up to now, including: @cathypedrayes, @mrs.space.cadet, @andrealopezcomedy, @hereinnyc, @karencassssss, @zarnagarg, @rynnstar, @samweidt.  13:15 ~ Song Trends: “Dick” by Starboi3 and Doja Cat, people clip the audio “I’m getting ripped tonight...RIP…” and create TikToks with a little dance and their own lyrics or quote a TV or film monologue. We feature videos from: @tylernol4thepain, @jacobxstephen, @basic_indie_babe, @laurenashleybeck.  21:30 ~ ”Slipping Through My Fingers” from Mamma Mia! Creators make videos reflecting on a special moment from their childhood. Featuring videos from: @jilligansisland__, @esme_leonn. 25:15 ~ White Girl Dancing. We mention our favorite video from @halffacemat about “white boy dancing” and talk about some videos we’ve seen capturing footage from pre-teen nightclubs.  30:30 ~ Messy Tok. We explain this side of TikTok, it's basically Jerry Springer on TikTok. We highlight a stitch video from @melpatton320 and @chubbycoolmama.  33:50 ~ Creator Spotlight: Dawn Farmer (@dawnnfarmer) lives in the UK and tries American food and loves ranch dressing.   Check out all these videos and more on our blog (2old4tiktok.com), Instagram (@2old4tiktokpod), and TikTok (@2old4tiktok_podcast).  
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The For You Page is full of Olympics content these days. One of our favorite TikTok comedians, Michael Burke (@dmichaelburke), created his own version of the Olympic Theme Song. Reed Kavner (@reedkavner) set his Tinder location to Olympic Village. @tiktokyo2020news covers the latest Olympics news...
Published 07/29/21
Dena and Melissa begin the show talking about the weather and how Dena went jet skiing. The first trend is a TikTok video by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) wishing a friend a happy birthday. There was a weird glitch where people sent video replies. Melissa mentions a video from @nemocsnemiahsmith...
Published 07/22/21
Dena and Melissa start the show talking about Dena’s last-minute trip to San Diego. They recorded this episode together in the same room. Dena introduces a new segment, “Guess That TikTok Tune.” They discuss trends from @lucybaehr showing her newborn baby, @maddiebrennan_ trying a blindfolded...
Published 07/15/21