Chandelier Showers, Fruit Roll Ups + Chlamydia Love
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Happy freakin' Tuesday, ya filthy stoners! On today's episode, Jaime and Emily talk chlamydia love, fruit roll up scandals, what it truly means to be a patriot, and the cringiest shit we ever did for men. Find 2G1B on social media: Find Jaime + Emily on socials: As always, we appreciate your support! If you could leave a glowing review on Apple Podcasts, that would be greatly appreciated!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!
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Happy Tuesday, and welc*m back to another episode of 2 Girls 1 Blunt! Today, we have on our friend and fellow comedian, Jae Midnite. We laugh, we roast, we eat d*cks. We determine if shelter is the only reason a woman would have s*x, is Jae really a retired f boy, and can MEN fake it??? You...
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GOOOD MORNING STON*RS! Welcome back to another episode of 2 Girls 1 Blunt. Do body builders use butt plugs to enhance form? What are coregasms? We chat about Jaime's NYFW walk, doing comedy in NYC, how losing friends can be heartbreaking, and are we telepathic?? 2 GIRLS 1 BLUNT PODCAST...
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