WSC Spotlight: Novel Therapeutic and Diagnostic Approaches for COVID-19 and Sepsis
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Session ‘Innovations in Quality Improvement Strategies in All Settings’ from the 2022 WSC Spotlight. Featuring Jos Latour, Aldo Faisal, Fran Balamuth, Chris Seymour, Annet Alenyo, and Alison Fox-Robichaud as your moderator. Flavia Machado and Niranjan ‘Tex’ Kissoon join for the closing remarks.
Published 06/21/22
Session ‘Pro-Con: Are Personalized Interventions in Sepsis Even Possible?’ from the 2022 WSC Spotlight. Featuring Mihai Netea, Lorraine Ware, Nuala Meyer, and Teresa Kortz as your moderator.
Published 06/14/22
Session ‘Update on Adjunctive Sepsis and COVID-19 Therapies’ from the 2022 WSC Spotlight. Featuring Evangelos J. Giamarellos-Bourboulis, Alexander Vlaar, Luregn Schlapbach, Sarah Sasson, and Luis Antonio Gorordo Del Sol as your moderator.
Published 06/07/22