Episode 192: NITRO WATCH ALONG 11.25.96
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On this episode of 83 Weeks, Eric and Conrad watch back the November 25, 1996 edition of WCW Monday Nitro when Marcus "Buff" Bagwell joins the nWo! Also, the guys discuss Judy Bagwell‘s passing, World War 3, AAA talent issues, DDP, the US Title Tournament, Benoit/Sullivan angle, and much more! FAREWAY MEAT MARKET – Fareway Meat Market’s quality meat comes straight from Americas Heartland Premium Beef, including- choice, prime, and 100% Fullblood wagyu and all natural certified Duroc pork is raised by family farmers and sourced straight out of corn country, giving you access to the highest quality meat in AmericaGo to FarewayMeatMarket.com and 83 WEEKS listeners can get The Butcher's Holiday Collection valued at $275 for just $169.99, plus free shipping, when entering 83 at checkout. AURA FRAMES – Beautifully designed, easy to set up, an Aura frame is the perfect holiday gift. Take advantage of Aura’s best deals of the year, with Black Friday/Cyber Monday pricing now through November 30. Visit auraframes.com now to get gifting. Listeners use code 83WEEKS to take $30 off Aura’s best selling digital picture frames. STEVEN SINGER – Finding that person you want to spend the rest of your life with is great, but hate all the pressure of what's next. Skip all the hassle and head directly to the experts at IHateStevenSinger.com SKYLIGHT – You can get $10 off your purchase of a Skylight Frame when you go to SkylightFrame.com and enter code 83WEEKS GEICO – Do you own or rent your home? Sure you do! And it’s hard work. But you know what’s easy? Bundling with GEICO. Go to GEICO.com, get a quote, and see how much YOU could save. It’s GEICO-easy!  STANCE – The Stance philosophy is that a perfect fit is more important than simply fitting in. That those who feel good, do good. Go see for yourself. Just head on over to Stance.com and pick out whatever styles you like. Enjoy the color and comfort of a life less ordinary… with Stance. CHILISLEEP – ChiliSleep makes customizable, climate-controlled sleep solutions that help you improve your entire wellbeing. Head over to chilisleep.com/83WEEKS to learn more and check out a special offer, available exclusively for 83 WEEKS listeners and only for a limited time!  CREDIT KARMA – Whether you’re refinancing credit card debt or paying for an upcoming expense, Credit Karma uses your credit data to show you fresh personal loan offers that are personalized to you. Ready to apply? Head to Credit Karma.com/LoanOffers to see personalized offers with your Approval Odds right now. Let us help you save some money and get out of debt today over at www.SaveWithConrad.com Join ADFreeShows.com for as low as $9 a month or choose a higher tier for more access to your favorite podcasts! You can enjoy this episode and other clips of 83 Weeks everyday on YouTube! Subscribe and turn on your notifications at www.83WeeksOnYouTube.com If you want the world to hear about the exciting things your doing in your business then you need to advertise on 83 Weeks! We can help make a difference in your company today over at www.AdvertiseWithConrad.com We are always coming up with new hilarious t-shirt designs over at www.EricBischoff.com head over there now and check them out!
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