Episode 217: Ask Eric Anything
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On this episode of 83 Weeks, Eric is put in the hot seat again for another edition of Ask Eric Anything! Topics include WCW becoming profitable, Randy Orton, management change from Bill Shaw to Harvey Schiller, Ted DiBiase in the nWo, and so much more! GEICO - Do you own or rent your home? Sure you do! And it’s hard work. But you know what’s easy? Bundling with GEICO. Go to GEICO.com, get a quote, and see how much YOU could save. It’s GEICO-easy!  ROCK AUTO - Rock Auto is a family business, serving auto parts customers online for 20 years. Go to RockAuto.com to shop for auto and body parts from hundreds of manufacturers. Type 83WEEKS in their “How did you hear about us?” box so they know we sent you.  SHEETZ - Energy drink or Milkshake? Imagine getting your favorite energy-bursting G fuel flavors whipped, iced, and milkshak-ified! Go to www.SHEETZ.com and grab a Focus Freak Milkshake for 3.99 or less! Use offer code ENERGIZE to save $1 when you order on the SHEETZ app!  CHILISLEEP - ChiliSleep makes customizable, climate-controlled sleep solutions that help you improve your entire wellbeing. Head over to chilisleep.com/83WEEKS to learn more and check out a special offer for a limited time!  BLUECHEW - Bluechew gives you confidence in bed every time. Visit BlueChew.com and get your first order free when use promo code 83WEEKS. Just pay $5 shipping! D WOLF COMICS - Step into a world of epic action and suspense with writer Wes Knodel, as the creative mind behind D Wolf Comics.Visit DWolfComics.com and enter code 83 Weeks for 10% off. SAVE WITH CONRAD - If you have credit card debt or in a 30 year loan? Well, we can help you get out of that pinch and save money at the same time! Head over to SaveWithConrad.com for a quick quote.  GOLIATH LIFE - GoliathLife.com streamlines the life insurance purchase process by allowing you to get quotes from more than twenty carriers all at the same time and at the same place: GoliathLife.com. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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