Living with Purpose
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We spend our lives striving to hit life’s jackpot but while we’re on this relentless treadmill, are we missing out on what’s in front of us? Join journalist Emmy Kubainski and clinical psychologist, Kirstin Bouse, as they work out what it means to be present, how to nourish your soul and live your eulogy values.
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Christmas is only four weeks away - but rather than being joyful - the festive season can be a time of stress and anxiety. Join journalist Emmy Kubainski and clinical psychologist Kirstin Bouse as they offer some helpful tips and tricks to get you through this time of year in one piece.
Published 11/28/17
It’s PANDA week and in this special bonus episode we’re going to bust some myths about perinatal depression and anxiety. Join journalist Emmy Kubainski and clinical psychologist Kirstin Bouse as they go on a fact finding mission when it comes to perinatal depression and anxiety with psychiatrist...
Published 11/16/17
With around 100,000 Australian families affected by perinatal anxiety and depression every year, Perinatal Depression & Anxiety Awareness Week is an important time to discuss how it affects our communities. As this issue is close to the hearts of both Emmy Kubainski and Kirstin Bouse they...
Published 11/14/17