Ads in Apple software, iOS 14.5 changes, Apple Music shareable lyrics
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This week, Benjamin and Chance discuss the latest changes in iOS 14.5 beta 2 including shareable lyrics in Apple Music, as well as ponder the fate of the iPhone 12 mini and assess how much Apple services advertising and marketing is hurting the Apple software experience. Sponsored by TwoBird —one inbox for all your tasks- Write emails, create notes, set reminders, view events, and collaborate live. Learn more about Twobird and download it for free at Sponsored by Unite4: Take any website and make a stand-alone app out of it. Get 20% off when you purchase Unite4, go to, and use promo code happyhour at checkout. Sponsored by Sun Basket: Save $35 off your order when you go to and use promo code happyhour. Sponsored by Ladder: Check out to see if you're instantly approved. Follow Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo Chance Miller @chancehmiller Subscribe Apple Podcasts Overcast Spotify
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This week join 9to5Mac's Zac Hall and Benjamin Mayo to discuss Zac's switch to the iPhone 12 mini, iPad mini leaks, Find My updates, Kara Swisher's interview with Tim Cook, and more. Sponsored by ALOGIC: 30% off the ALOGIC Rapid USB-C Wall Charger on Amazon [Amazon UK] and enter the iPad Pro...
Published 04/09/21
Apple announces WWDC 2021 for June 7th and overhauls the selection of Siri voices with iOS 14.5 beta 6. There are also rumors of matte black iPhone 13s and a new rugged Apple Watch. Plus, the Apple TV remote leaks weren’t quite as they first seemed. Sponsored by Helix Sleep: Learn more and take...
Published 04/02/21
Zac and Benjamin touch on the state of iPad multitasking, Mac OS X turning 20 and its future, Apple accidentally breaking shared Shortcuts, HomePod and iPhone 13 rumors, and much more. Sponsored by WMware Workspace ONE: To learn more about Workspace ONE for macOS...
Published 03/26/21