British Kids’ Programming, Brow-Dyeing, and Many More of Your Thingies
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We’re giving some children’s programming rave reviews, digging into your trending Thingies, and reading a lot into an interesting story about Manhattan’s history.  Endorsed by Claire (and Cam!) Cosmic Kids Yoga (+ guided meditation!) and Numberblocks.  People love granola! Now more than ever, according to Global Newswire! If you’re in NYC, seek out the greenmaket seller Baker’s Bounty; if you’re anywhere else, make Bon Appétit's Vanilla-Scented Granola. Also, something that makes us giggle: this 2016 headline from The Cut: “Americans Still Believe Granola is Good for Them.” People are dyeing their brows at home! Specifically using henna or Just for Men, but Harper’s Bazaar recommends getting brow-specific products or going to a professional.  After one of y’all shared enstrual discs as a Thingie, we received several votes for Flex —they have disposable and reusable versions.  Lots of discussion about making natural deodorant actually work. Erica is using Megababe’s Soapy Pits plus Space Bar Underarm Soap. People like Nuud, which is its own ~vibe~. There’s also a lot of discussion about using CeraVe Acne Foaming Cream Cleanser for its 4% benzoyl peroxide—and LOL at the "How to Clean Armpits with Cerave" TikTok page.  Thoughts on deodorant? Vaginal discs vs. cups? Share with us at 833-632-5463, [email protected], or @athingortwohq—or chat with other Bobs in our Geneva.  Hire with Indeed and get a $75 sponsored job credit when you use our link. YAY. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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