ACA closed health coverage gaps for pregnant women. There’s still a long way to go
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Listen to Editor-in-Chief Alan Weil interview Dr. Emily Johnston from the Health Policy Center at the Urban Institute. Johnston shares insights from her latest research on women’s loss of Medicaid in the weeks before or after pregnancy.
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Listen to Health Affairs Editor-in-Chief, Alan Weil, interview Jennifer Moore, founding executive director of the Institute for Medicaid Innovation, on perinatal mental health, what we know about it, and what policy option exist to improve it.
Published 10/12/21
Health Affairs Editor-in-Chief Alan Weil interviews Jody Heymann from the University of California, Los Angeles joins A Health Podyssey to talk about access to paid and unpaid sick leave, why the US stands alone globally in having a limited safety net for sick leave — and what it means for...
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Health Affairs Editor-in-Chief Alan Weil interviews HwaJung Choi from the University of Michigan on family care availability and implications for informal and formal care used by American adults with dementia.
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