Perinatal Mental Illness is Very Common. How Can It Be Improved?
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Listen to Health Affairs Editor-in-Chief, Alan Weil, interview Jennifer Moore, founding executive director of the Institute for Medicaid Innovation, on perinatal mental health, what we know about it, and what policy option exist to improve it.
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Published 11/30/21
The U.S. health policy community recognizes that fee-for-service models incentivize physicians and health systems to perform more tasks than may be needed. But is fee-for-service really the culprit when it comes to the high levels of U.S. health care spending? Listen to Health Affairs...
Published 11/30/21
Listen to Health Affairs Editor-in-Chief Alan Weil interview Sabrina Poon from Vanderbilt University Medical Center on the effects of the controversial two-midnight rule and whether or not it obtained its objective.
Published 11/16/21