The Shiny & Dark sides of Habit Change: My Personal Story
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What would you really like to make time for on a regular basis, that somehow keeps getting pushed to the back burner? Whether it's writing a book, starting a meditation practice, or dropping a few pounds, developing a consistent routine is often the key to realizing your goal. And developing a new routine -- or stopping an old behavior -- is hard. And it's about more than just willpower. It takes time, energy, strategy, planning, and support. It takes examining the emotional triggers, and being able to see what hidden subconscious forces might be holding us back. In this episode, Brodie shares not only share a personal win, but also some of the healing that it took to make it happen. You'll hear which tried-and-true techniques helped her succeed, and an old story she was forced to examine and break up with. May it inspire you to Do the Thing! On Today’s Solo Episode of A Healthy Curiosity: What helped with keeping a daily exercise commitment for over 13 months Why it’s important to get well acquainted with the forces of resistance How defining what enough is can help us stay balanced Links: Episode 120: How to Change Habits with James Clear Episode 167: Brain Science and Behavior Change with Dr. Kyra Bobinet, MD MPH Glo yoga app Aaptiv workout app Dr. Kristin Neff -- Learn more about working with Brodie Email Brodie Enjoying the show?  Help support us and keep the show going with the tip jar!
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