From Surviving to Thriving - A Chinese Medicine Take
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It's been a tough year. As we slowly begin to emerge from, hopefully, the worst of the pandemic, we're also entering the full on yang-mode of summer. In the spirit of self-compassion on the heels of such a trying time, what would it look like to give yourself the gift of doing less? How can we lean into play and joy instead of the temptation of sending all of our energy and attention outwards this season? These questions are tough to untangle as we try to move from a mode of surviving to one of thriving. Dr. Yvonne Farrell, DAOM, L.Ac., joins us in this conversation to share her wisdom regarding how we can find the balance between these two phases. She provides insight into how we can attempt to harvest useful things from the pandemic experience in order to pursue meaning and purpose in life. On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity: Navigating the tension between going with the flow of the summer season and doing what’s important to stay balanced How Dr. Farrell uses gratitude as a tool for getting us through Why acupuncture can be a crucial tool for self-examination in times of survival Why grounding and stability are necessary for lasting, effective change How she guides patients through the three levels of qi Dr. Farrell has been practicing and teaching Chinese Medicine and Channel Theory since 1996.  Her focus is on empowerment of students and patients so that they will embody the spiritual aspects of Chinese Medicine and make them their own. She believes that self-cultivation, self-knowledge and critical thinking are essential in developing capacity as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine. Yvonne is the author of two books: Psycho Emotional Pain and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels and her latest, Acupuncture for Surviving Adversity published by Singing Dragon. Links: Psycho Emotional Pain and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels by Dr. Yvonne Farrell Acupuncture for Surviving Adversity by Dr. Yvonne Farrell Breath by James Nestor Dr. Kristin Neff Connect With Dr. Yvonne Farrell: Website Dr. Farrell’s Courses -- Register for the Free Inaura "Power of You" weekend virtual retreat Free Balancing Yin and Yang Meditation
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