College Dropout to Comedian (w/ Nimesh Patel)
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Well this is exciting! Welcome to Season 2 of A Relationship Story. On this episode the very funny Nimesh Patel (Insta: @findingnimesh, Actor and Comedian on Saturday Night Live The 88th Academy Awards, Zooidiots, and more) shares his story of how he was discovered by THE Chris Rock at a local comedy club, how he was personally invited to write for his team for The 88th Academy Awards, and how it lead to him being the first South Asian Indian writer for Saturday Night Live. He shares with us how he met his wifey, and why its hard for him to discuss his personal life in this climate of social media, and more. Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for more episodes every Wednesday! For those tuning in, please subscribe today so you don't miss an episode; and I would be so grateful if you could rate 'A Relationship Story' 5 stars on Apple Podcasts! Lastly, please follow me (Saman Hasan) on instagram at @samanhasanofficial!
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