Part 2
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Ned and Dan Kelly were on the run, hiding out in the dense bushland in the north east of Victoria. A search party of four policemen - Sergeant Michael Kennedy, and Constables Michael Scanlan, Thomas Lonigan, and Thomas McIntyre - were sent out from Mansfield to find and apprehend the two men who had evaded capture for months. But not even a day into their mission, the four policemen had no idea how much danger they were already in.
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McIntyre finally found help after a gruelling 22 hour trek through the bush. Despite his injuries, he immediately rode out with a second search party to recover the bodies of Lonigan and Scanlan. The fate of Sergeant Kennedy was still unknown.
Published 12/04/18
McIntyre was taken hostage by the Kelly gang when they attacked the police's camp. Trapped unarmed and outnumbered, he was forced to find a way of saving the other policemen who were out on patrol, as the Kelly gang prepared for an ambush.
Published 12/04/18
On October 27, 1878, Constable Thomas McIntyre walked out of the Australian bush bloodied, severely injured, and desperate for help after surviving a deadly attack at the hands of a gang led by Ned Kelly.
Published 12/04/18