2014 (Part 3)
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It's time for one of those huge episodes. Well, it's a four parter anyways. 2014 was for me, a classic year for horror movies, Some would say that not enough time has elapsed to make this assessment, I say, balderdash! The highs are really high & the lows can be quite messy. But, what do I think was the very greatest horror movie that came out during 2014? Well, here we have the top 10. The worst 10. A slew of also rans. Some awesome mates. Some special guests. Several pints of beer and over 5 hours of running time split over 4 episodes. This is 2014, A Year In Horror.
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Published 02/21/24
Today I chat with Steve Hackett, the legendary guitarist from Genesis about the Francis Ford Coppola directed masterpiece, Bram Stoker's Dracula. Steve is now 30 albums deep into an incredible solo career which this week has seen the release of his latest opus, a rite of passage concept stunner...
Published 02/21/24
J. Lee Thompson directed Cape Fear in 1962, Happy Birthday to Me in 1981 plus a couple of Planet of the Apes movies as part of his genre sweep during his career. Eye of the Devil is often overlooked which is a real shame. When I asked the fantastic satanic doo-woppers TWIN TEMPLE to pick a movie...
Published 02/14/24