A Zero To A Hero: Learn Spanish!
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We have a brand new podcast for you! Babbel Mixtapes offers guidance and support as you make your way through the landscape of Spanish music. In each episode, our host, Sebastian Escobar, introduces a new Latin song, breaks down key phrases and words and gives us the background information we...
Published 07/16/20
For this episode we've tried something new! Try out our dynamic transcript here: https://bit.ly/A0-AH-Transcript Catriona is too busy packing for her trip to Madrid, so she and H├ęctor go through a quick grammar and vocabulary lesson to talk about your holiday plans. Help us to improve the...
Published 03/26/20
Catriona is looking forward to her holiday in Madrid to practice Spanish. Learn along with her to say what there is in the capital of Spain.
Published 03/09/20