Trouble at the Bolivian Border - Michnus and Elsebie Olivier
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Michnus and Elsebie Olivier have remained on the road during the entire two year pandemic, and so far they have managed to navigate rather successfully the world of COVID travel. They have done it by being extremely diligent, aware and proactive in their travel plans. They always keep up to date on what is happening and figuring out ways to adapt to changes in the countries they have been in. Recently, they found themselves in danger of losing their motorcycles at the Bolivia border. This story not only illustrates the unpredictability of traveling during unprecedented times but it also speaks to a type of perseverance - a traveler perseverance - a type of resolve that some travelers learn through their experience on the road, when they run into seemingly unsurmountable roadblocks and manage to find ways to get through. If you've enjoyed this episode please consider supporting this show by going to and also check out our sponsors. Follow Adventure Rider Radio: Facebook: AdventureRiderRadio Instagram: @adventureriderradio Twitter: @ADVRiderRadio For more on this episode see the show notes at Adventure Rider Radio.
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