Jools’ Rocket Espresso Home Barista Journey
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Jools' dream of owning an espresso machine has come true, but can she become a champion-level barista at home? The stars have aligned dear listeners! Jools has never been shy about the joy she feels when remembering past episodes 'Home Espresso - The God Shot In Your Kitchen' and 'The Beginner's Guide To Pouring Perfect Latte Art'. And, even before Adventures in Coffee, Jools has been dreaming of one day having an espresso machine at home. Thanks to our new sponsor, Rocket Espresso, Jools’ dream has come true. So, we thought it would be great to have you share her experience as she starts her home barista journey. You'll learn what the first steps are to getting yourself set up and brewing viscous, rich espressos in your own kitchen. To help her along the way, we have the fantastic Jon Townsend from the Institute of Coffee who came to Casa Velo to give Jools some one-on-one help as she gets acclimated with her very own Rocket Espresso R58 machine. Can Jools become a World Barista Champion in one day? Find out in Jools’ Rocket Espresso Home Barista Journey. — Join our Patreon to support the show! Enjoy the legendary experience of Moccamaster Coffee Brewers: Become your own barista with Rocket Espresso: Do you want see the chrome-tastic machine that Jools used in the episode? Check out the Rocket Espresso R58: Want to learn more about making espresso? Learn more about the Institute of Coffee: Are you going to be in London soon? Check The Service for an exceptional cafe and marketplace experience: Follow our wonderful guest on LinkedIn! Jonathan Townsend: Take a screenshot and tell your friends about Adventures in Coffee! Tag our Instagram handles: James Harper / Filter Stories: Jools Walker / Lady Velo: Scott Bentley / Caffeine Magazine:
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