The Science of Friendship (and How It Improves Your Net Worth), with Dr. Marisa Franco
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#464: More than ever, most people's lives are packed to the brim with activity. We are trying to fit in demanding jobs and families, commuting and a neverending list of chores. Social lives often suffer. It’s no wonder that in 2021, 12% of U.S. adults said they did not have any close friends, up from 3% in 1990. This has enormous consequences on our health, productivity, and our ability to grow our net worth, make money, and enjoy life. Dr. Mariso Franco, a renowned psychologist and best selling author, shares invaluable insights on the significance of fostering meaningful connections and discusses the detrimental impact of NOT having fulfilling connections in our lives. Today’s episode also delves into the importance of connection in the workplace. We chat about how cultivating genuine relationships with colleagues can boost productivity, enhance job satisfaction, and contribute to a positive work environment. Throughout the episode, Dr. Marisa Franco shares practical tips and actionable advice on how to nurture and sustain friendships in our fast-paced, digital age and improve our overall well- being. For more information, visit the show notes at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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