How to Handle Medical Bills, with Dr. Virgie Bright Ellington
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#466: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reported in 2022 that medical debt is the most common reason to get a debt collector call. A Census Bureau study in 2021 found nearly 1 in 5 households (19%) couldn’t pay for medical care when it was needed. These statistics underscore the fact that the potential for unforeseen medical expenses to negatively impact our lives is ENORMOUS. Dr. Virgie Bright Ellington, a medical billing expert and author of “What Your Doctor Wants You to Know to Crush Medical Debt,” joins us for today’s episode to discuss the thorny topic of medical expenses. The episode begins by acknowledging the widespread and detrimental impact that medical bills can cause, especially in a healthcare system as intricate as the one in the United States. Dr. Ellington emphasizes the importance of proactively addressing medical bills to prevent them from becoming a source of financial stress. She then shares a detailed roadmap that will empower listeners to navigate the complex world of medical bills with confidence, ultimately achieving financial peace of mind in healthcare. For more information, visit the show notes at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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